No wind, no problems: The Pringles Kitesurf World Cup 2016


The World Kiteboarding League´s (WKL) third stop on the tour this year was the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup Fehmarn. Not the greatest wind conditions but it definitely had everything the biggest kite event in the world should have in it! A quick review with input of two riders and InspiredBySports experts, Linus Erdmann and Mario Rodwald.

There is nothing comparable in sports then to perform at the top level, on the biggest stages and with a crowd that celebrates your every move. There is another important factor that makes kitesurfing such an amazing sport that it is today and what it became over the last couple of years: wind or, to be fair, no wind. If the conditions are not as desired, every rider has to elevate his or her game to another level and still go out and perform. We have seen unbelievable heats over the past with unbelievably good conditions, but that puts almost every rider on the same plateau – the differences can be simply judged in the difficulty of a trick or the finishing time of a foil or slalom race. This year was different, but also amazing, because the crowd could see what it´s really like to master this sport.

Different perspectives, sometimes humbled, sometimes prepared to take risks, can help you or kick you out of a heat and the contest. We asked Linus Erdmann a couple of questions after the KSWC.


InspiredBySports: Linus, are you satisfied with your performance this year?


Linus Erdmann: Yes, I am satisfied. I show a couple of great tricks and tried my best throughout the whole contest – even if I tried too much and could not finish the move. Especially in this kind of unlucky conditions you have to be risky from time to time!

IBS: You are talking about unlucky conditions, it seems like you had some troubles with your equipment as well?


Linus: Unfortunately yes, my board broke while I tried a Double-S-Free! With just my boots on my feet, it wasn´t the most simple task to change my board back at the beach. But, I am always trying new stuff that´s even more challenging!


IBS: Sounds nice! What are your plans for the rest of the year and your preparations?


Linus: Oh, there is a lot to do, but first, my next stop is the World Cup in Egypt!

All in all, the wind was a small problem, because the event itself with such a positive vibe, all the action besides kitesurfing as well as a great open-minded kite-community made this a fantastic World Cup, which was on Fehmarn for the first time ever. In the end, just the women heats could be completed in the freestyle discipline with Bruna Kajiya at the top, Hannah Whiteley came in second and third place going to Annabel van Westerop!


InspiredBySports also talked to Mr. Comeback Mario Rodwald to share his thoughts about this years KSWC.

Mario Rodwald

IBS: Mario, how would you summarize this World Cup?


Mario Rodwald: Even if more windy days would have been great, the World Cup this year was a huge success. The change of location, after 10 years in St. Peter-Ording, really helped and it was time for a change as well.


IBS: You registered for the Slalom this year, but could not participate in the freestyle discipline. When are you going to be back at it again?

Mario: Hopefully next year – I spent 80 percent of my time practising new freestyle tricks.


IBS: Can you name some tricks or do you keep it as a secret?


Mario: No, they are similar to those Linus is preparing to do within heats, but basically adding 180´s to existing tricks or doing more grabs.


IBS: Who performed the sickest tricks in this years freestyle competition?


Mario: Liam (Whaley) and Carlos (Mario). Both of them really showed a lot of great ones at low conditions. Absolutely amazing!


Picture source: Joern Pollex / HochZwei

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    This one is in the books and we can´t wait till next year! Such an enriching community, great fans and the best sport in the world, see you next year!