Relaxed listening to music during sports – Headphones by AfterShokz


Lenz Nölkel

Autumn comes slowly into the country and brings beautiful colors as well as some rainy days. To motivate yourself to do outdoor sports in this mixed weather, you need the right soundtrack. This is exactly what AfterShokz has specialized in with his headphones.

Anyone who works out outdoors knows that listening to music can quickly become problematic. Either it rains, and you have to worry about the water resistance of your headphones, or you quickly run the risk of not noticing your surrounding and even get hit by a car. That’s why AfterShoks has developed a new and patented bone conduct technology for its headphones that allows athletes to listen to music while keeping their ears free to hear surrounding sounds.

Source: AfterShokz

The technology of AfterShokz

In AfterShokz headphones, the sounds are not transmitted via the eardrum, but via the bone. Our bones can also transmit sounds, which is exactly what AfterShokz takes advantage of. Instead of lying on the eardrum, the headphones transmit the sounds via the bone sound and thus allow unrestricted perception of the surroundings via the tympanum.

The perfect headphones for outdoor sports

With the cooking sound technology, the headphones are already perfect for every outdoor sport. In addition, the headphones are waterproof so that rain can’t harm them. The headphones are wireless and play about 4 to 6 hours of music after charging. In addition to the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium for about 110 €, the lighter Trekz Air for about 170 € are also part of the range.

Source: YouTube / AfterShokz


These headphones focus on safety and comfort – we are delighted with them. In keeping with the approaching Christmas season, AfterShokz is offering its headphones up to 30 percent cheaper at Amazon during Black Friday Week (November 19-25). A perfect Christmas present.

Source: AfterShokz