WHERE: Olympiapark München, Germany
WHEN: 16.04.2016

“Eventually running a triathlon this year!” – this is a typical New Years resolution of made by many hobby runners. Some of them, dream even further: Running a marathon is the goal for the year!

All fine and good but the missing excitement and thrilling atmosphere during those long distance runs makes many people eventually not completing their run. That is why we have been looking for something more exciting and fascinating.

The spartan race originates in the US and connects a running track with obstacles. The number of obstacles varies between 16 and 20 barriers. The great thing about it: you are definately not going to get bored. For the sake of variety you have a long distance, then a sprint race, followed by a few jumps crossing the barriers. More action during a sports event can only be found at the Tough Mudder. But that is rather a fun event than a sports event.


So, if you are looking for a real challenge and are amped for an amazing run with a great amout of team spirit, you should definately register right away. The starting places are very popular and sold out quite fast.


There are many attractions around the spartan race itself. From photo boxes and event photographers from Reebok and a musical backdrop, visitors can find little stations where they can see and try out what the participants will expect. The crowning glory at the end of the run is going to be right before the finish line. After accomplishing the most strenuous part through the arena – I am not going to talk about what kind of obstacles they have to beat – they are going to face the last barrier: an obstacle that is on fire. The participants have to jump over it, to finish the run. This is truly a marvelous experience, that does not only challenge your physical strength but is also great fun.


Picture Source: Pixabay

Marko Andricevic_Expertfoto

Marko Andricevic


I was part of the run in 2014 and this year I am definately going to challenge myself again! Great organisation concerning all aspects around the race, highly motivated people and everyone is trying to achieve top results – without forgetting to have fun of course. What inspired me the most? Definately the team spirit and the readiness to help in the large field of participants.


To name only the most important facts and features:


  • fascinating and motivating atmosphere
  • great activities all around the event
  • challenging race through the olympiapark

The particular runs are time chronologically shifted. Therefore, you should come early in the morning if you are keen on watching the fittest runners in the arena. For the long distance race you can sleep in and take a short walk through the park before watching.

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