Red Bull X-Alps 2019 – When athletes become adventurers


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RedBull Alps

Impressive heights, strenuous ascents and steep descents await athletes and spectators of one of the toughest races in the world. For the ninth time 32 athletes cross the Alps. At the Red Bull X-Alps 2019, 30 men and 2 women from 20 different nations fight their way across the European low mountain range. The race can also be followed this year with the help of live tracking, by millions of fans worldwide.

With the start of the toughest alpine race in the world, 32 sports enthusiasts plunge into a daring adventure. Last year’s winner, the Swiss Chrigel Maurer is back again and wants to defend his title. Enthusiastic spectators, but also the athletes themselves, come from all over the world. Among them are many other nations, from America to Mexico to New Zealand. Just as the different nations vary, different age groups are also represented. The youngest participant is 24 years old, the oldest 59.

The exciting route with ups and downs

The announcement of the exact route of this year’s Red Bull X-Alps race is eagerly awaited. The start and finish points have already been determined and the complete route will be published in mid-March. The tough adventure race starts on 16 June at 11.30 a.m. on the Mozartplatz in Salzburg. The race is scheduled for 11 days and ends in Monaco, 24 hours after the first athlete has crossed the finish line, but not before 27 June. The route leads through several Alpine countries such as Austria, Germany, Slovenia and France. Each country has its pitfalls and challenges in store for the athletes. On the Internet, fans can find out where and when the best opportunity exists to become part of the racing atmosphere and to support their favourite locally.


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The innovation: Paragliding

For the first time the athletes are allowed to cover different sections with the paraglider. A few kilometres as the crow flies separates one touch point from the other and this section has to be covered at dizzying heights this year. In addition to paragliding, the adventure race also includes four other disciplines: hiking, mountaineering, trail running and running.


At fans can follow their favourite athletes live and cheer thanks to advanced tracking technologies. In addition to daily updates, photos and videos, exciting contributions and news will be on display.

Elaborate planning

On 16 June the race starts in Salzburg, after one and a half years of preparation and heating. The Red Bull X-Alps team has been preparing for the start for a long time with a lot of attention to detail. From event communication to athlete selection to the prologue at sponsor Audi, every step is documented and can be viewed online. One day before the start a press conference will take place in Hangar 7 in Salzburg. Here, Red Bull X-Alps and the various athletes will be on hand to answer questions.

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The fact that the athletes see themselves here more as adventurers, as athletes, is part of the competition. In addition to the daily sporting efforts, the participants also have to defy the sometimes extreme weather conditions and the tasks to be overcome. A flight with a paraglider is also a big but exciting challenge.

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This article is based on a press release by RedBull X-Alps.