Red Bull Walls: Sebastian Keep takes it to the limits!


In his new project “Walls”, the British BMX specialist Sebastian “Bas” Keep pushes himself to the limits of the feasible. Now you can finally see the most spectacular BMX moves from Sebastian on video – after two years of hard work.

The British BMX specialist Sebastian “Bas” Keep uses ramps and his creativity to perform the most unusual tricks at the most unusual locations. He performs the BMX sport as just a few have done it before him. Keep himself says: “The way I ride BMX is actually a completely new discipline. No one has ever driven like me.”


“Because I’m gonna jump off there on my bike and ride down THAT wall”
(Sebastian “Bas” Keep)


Keep takes his ramps with him and places them at locations where no one else thinks of doing so. He performs almost impossible tricks, jumping over crazy distances. He has documented these incredible tricks with his camera over the last two years – just watch this Red Bull video and see what this crazy guy can do!


Image source: Facebook / Red Bull

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Is is hard to believe what this guy does with his BMX bike. We were literally speechless when we watched this insane and crazy stunts. Enjoy the video of this exceptional athlete!