Racing virtually – Logitech G hosts e-racing event


IBS Publishing Team

It is no secret that professional gamer can earn a lot of respect and money with their profession. Now the competitive gaming has proceeded towards e-sports: From September 24 on, Logitech G invited racing gamer to compete in their Logitech G Challenge.

E-racing fascinates more and more gamer with its challenging and action-packed races and the hairsbreadth decisions over victory and defeat. This is why Logitech G in cooperation with McLaren Shadow Project, FA Racing, Playseat, Veloce Sports and Project CARS 2 challenges gamers all over Europe to show off their virtual gaming skills dirung the Logitech G Challenge. The winner is granted not only fame and honor, but also generous prizes.


You can participate online or at the offline qualification events, like the EGX in London or the Paris Games Week, via the topnotch racing simulator CARS 2 (available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). The best driver qualifies for the finale, which will also take place at the Paris Games Week. There you can win a place in the semi finale of the McLarren Shadow Project, which will take place on December 1, 2018, in the McLarren Technology Center in Woking, UK.

How does the qualification work?

As of now, the gamers can register on the official website www.logitechgchallenge.comto participate in the online qualification from September 24 to October 14. The qualification is divided into three phases, during which the gamers have to finish a determined race track in best time. The first phase takes place from September 24 until October 1 and will lead the gamers over the track of Barcelona. From October 1 until October 8 the gamers have to face Silverstone and the final phase will take the gamers to Hockenheim. The server records the times of the racers, and in the end the

20 fastest racers of every track get points, which are added in the end. The three fastest racers participate in the finale at the Paris Games Week, from October 26 to 30 where they compete against the winners of the offline event. The winner of the Logitech G Challenge then qualifies for the McLarren Shadow Project semi finale in Woking (UK).

The fastest racer is rewarded

The winner of the Logitech G Challenge immediately qualifies for the semi finale of the McLarren Shadow Projects in Woking (UK) and can compete against the fastest e-racers in the McLarren Technology Center. Furthermore, he or she can win a place in McLarren’s e-sport team. Also, Logitech awards the winner with a professional gaming-racing set, containing the Logitech G29 driving-force-wheel, a playset evolution racing sear by Playseat and a Logitech G433 surround-sound gaming headset.


For those who love the thrill of racing, but wants to keep on the save side, e-racing is the perfect sport. Logitech G supports this new form of competition perfectly with its Logitech G challenge and offers gamers and racing fans the possibilities to show off their skills. You can find further information at

This article is based on a press release by Logitech G.