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Road cycling is totally in vogue. Everywhere you look, there are people in fancy racing outfits on the roads and bike paths of Europe. But is it really that easy to get started? And which racing bikes are suitable for which type?

Since the Corona summer of 2020 at the latest, simple activities in the fresh air have been totally in vogue. In addition to walking, road cycling is also one of the most popular sports. Not only is cycling very easy on the joints, but it also doesn’t take much effort to do the sport. In addition, such tours also often pass by the most beautiful places in the region. If you also want to discover road biking for yourself, we have the right bike types for every level here.

The road bike for beginners

Beginners in particular should first seek advice from a specialist dealer. This is because the bike should be optimally matched to the rider’s body size and arm and leg length. Only then can the rider apply the necessary force and achieve maximum success.

But a road bike does not have to be expensive, especially for beginners. Here it is important to clarify in advance what models are available and what purpose they should achieve. Are you looking for a bike that is fast on the road and also quite robust from the tire profile? Then you should take a closer look at a gravel bike. In contrast to a classic road bike, the gravel bike has thicker tires and is therefore ideal for a trip off-road or a ride over gravel and forest paths.

Alternatively, an endurance road bike would also be an option for beginners. Similar to gravel bikes, these are more ergonomically built in terms of their shape and promise a more leisurely ride. Similar to a classic road bike, the tires here are thinner.

The entry-level models are priced at around 700€.


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Advanced racing bikes

Whereas beginners are often on the road with particularly light bikes, advanced riders are usually on heavier two-wheelers. Professionals rely primarily on carbon fiber.

Aero optimized racer is the name of the type of road bikes that are primarily suitable for advanced riders. In contrast to gravel bikes, these bikes require a more bent and sporty seating position, since significantly faster speeds can be achieved here, which is also suggested by the name of the model. The bike frame is also designed to keep wind resistance as low as possible.

However, this is also reflected in the price. Racing bikes for advanced and professionals start at €1,500 and can go up to €10,000. In addition, of course, there is regular maintenance and repairs.

If you want to start riding a road bike, we advise you to ask for advice at a specialist store. There the experts can show you the right model and give you further tips for your first tour.


Before your first tour you need not only the right bike. You should also think about the right clothing. Cycling shorts are a must. The sewn-in pads save you from uncomfortable saddles.

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