Three powerful fitness apps for workout at home


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Unlike what you might think, you don’t necessarily need a fully equipped gym to stay fit. Especially now, while many of us are still at home for longer periods of time and work in home office, it is essential to think about our own fitness. After all, we want to stay fit with reduced daily activity and continue to eat a healthy diet.


During this pandemic, fitness apps have become very popular and offer an excellent alternative to the gym. Here are our “3” best fitness apps for working out at home and home office.

Freeletics – Train wherever and whenever you want

Freeletics is one of the best known fitness apps worldwide and offers not only classic exercises but also a training coach tailored to the user. Additionally you have the possibility to eat healthy at any time with the integrated nutrition function.


The free functions of the app are already very extensive and offer everyone the possibility to start a healthy lifestyle. With the Coach you can start your own training journey and even become fitter by using the subscription based model. The advantage of the Coach is that it is tailored to your needs from the beginning and is based on your performance and your weekly training sessions.


This way you always make sure that the workouts are not too hard and that you don’t need longer breaks between sessions.

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You can subscribe to the coach from 39,99€ / 3 months. If you still need the Nutrition Guide, the bundle is available for about 50€ / quarter.

For beginners, Freeletics also offers an orientation guide, which shows you how the individual exercises work. The integrated artificial intelligence also ensures that there are enough variations of the daily workouts and that your feedback helps to adjust the training journey to your fitness level.

You can find the Freeletics Coach right here.

Asana Rebel – Design your perfect day

Asana Rebel is the perfect fitness app for yoga freaks and for those who want to make their lifestyle healthier. As already mentioned, the app is an absolute must especially for yoga enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the app offers much more than just stretching routines and detox yoga. Various whole body workouts let your muscles burn up. In addition to short exercise routines of a few minutes, you will also find workouts of 30 minutes and more. Furthermore Asana Rebel offers you further advantages compared to other fitness apps. You can do meditation exercises, choose some tasty recipes that fit your healthy lifestyle and use music for concentrated work.

Similar to other fitness apps, you can easily track your daily workout with the integrated calendar function and get helpful tips to perform your workouts flawlessly. You can access videos during each workout to make sure you’re doing each exercise correctly. And the cool thing is, you can even hear the exercises explained to you via voice prompts.

One disadvantage of the app is that the basic version only contains 6 workouts and you have to subscribe to more. The subscription for 3 months costs you about 50€.

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7-Minute Workout – Small habits lead to big changes

If you don’t have much time and still want to train every day, the 7-Minute Workout App might be perfect for you. As the name suggests, each workout is usually only 7 minutes long. But don’t worry, 7 minutes is more than enough to make you break a sweat.


The app has made it its goal to achieve maximum training success in the shortest possible time. It creates workout routines that are tailored to your goals and help you achieve maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.


Unlike Asana or Freeletics, there are no videos, but the exercises are shown by animations. So you can always be sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

The advantage of 7-Minute Workout App is that just about everyone can integrate a short workout into their stressful everyday life. However, if you want to document your success and training, you will not get your money’s worth here.


The app is available as a free version (but with some limitations) and as a monthly (9,99€) or annual subscription (59,99€).


Start your Training Journey with the 7-Minute Workout App here.

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Every app has its advantages. If you want to do whole body workouts, optimize your fitness and nutrition and track your workouts, you should use Freeletics or Asana Rebel. Whereby Freeletics is a little more diversified and focuses more on the classic body weight training. If you love yoga and want to change your lifestyle, Asana Rebel is the right choice for you. If you are short on time we recommend you try the 7-Minute Workout App.

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