Post-Workout Meals: The right nutrition after sport


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Getting the best out of your training does not only mean giving your all in sports. The success of your sessions depends on the time after training. With the right post-Workout meals you will get the maximum out of your training.

Post-workout meals are important

In order to understand how important nutrition is after the workout, you must first understand how our body is affected by the physical activity: When you exercise, your muscles use up the glycogen stores in your body. This works like a fuel. If the storage is empty, it must be replenished, otherwise there is a risk of muscle mass loss and damaged cells – your entire workout would be pointless.

Taking the right nutrients directly after the workout helps the body to regenerate muscle proteins quickly and to accelerate muscle growth.
That means: Fasting after training is counterproductive and an absolute no-go. Instead, proteins and carbohydrates should be on the menu.

Carbohydrates – but which ones?

Carbs are ideal for replenishing the almost empty glycogen storage. If the body is not supplied with glucose (carbohydrate building block), the body lacks this energy source. It is forced to draw the missing energy from the muscles. To prevent this you should include “good” carbs, i.e. whole grains, legumes, fruit, but also rice and pasta in your post-workout meal. Snacks such as sweets, chips or other fast Food are of course not allowed..


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Proteins are essential

Protein is an absolute must in sports nutrition. The body converts the proteins taken in with food into the body’s own protein. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of muscle building. This does not mean that a rump steak always has to end up on your dinner plate every time. Greek yoghurt, low-fat curd cheese, parmesan, eggs, chicken breast and salmon are ideal. Vegan protein sources can be found in kidney beans, quinoa, lentils and the classic tofu.


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But with a sweaty training session and a really good post-workout nutrition it is still not done. The most important thing is that you give your body enough water after training and allow enough rest for regeneration.

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