Pokemon – Hype also waterborne?


For more than 2 weeks now, Pokemon GO the absolute thing to do. Everwhere you look, you can see people running around with their smartphones, always in search of the so called Pokéstops. Whether youngster or elderly people, everyone seems to be obsessed with Pikachu and his friends. On top of that, Pokemons can now also be found waterborne as we catched Kitesurf-Pro Mads Wollesen right in the act of chasing another Pokéstop on the water.

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Ein von Mads Wollesen (@madd1x) gepostetes Foto am

Obviously, we had to know immediately: Mads, what is all this about?


Mads Wollesen“When I was younger, me and my family drove to France with our caravan every year to spend our summer holiday there. I was already a very active child back then and often drove my parents crazy during the long car journeys. But when Pokemon for Gameboys became public, the road trips became more tolerable for my parents. I escaped into another world where I chased the little monsters and trained them for upcoming battles. These days, I sometimes bring my Gameboy and the red Pokemon edition on long journeys or road trips.


As the Pokémon GO App came out a few weeks ago, I was first sceptical, but obviously I had to try it out. The mixture of nostalgia and a brand new game principle is simple awesome. Clearly, people argue that youngsters are now spending even more time on their smartphone, but I believe that the new generation does this either way and while playing Pokemon GO they are at least forced to go out and move around. In my opinion it is a cool new thing and I am always happy when I have a little time in between to throw a few Pokeballs.”


When he’s right, he’s right. We are curious, how long it is going to take till competitions will introduct “pokébattle” as a new discipline.



Pictures: Mads Wollesen


Mads Wollesen



“The mixture between nostalgia and a completely new game concept is genius.”