Poc presents its new Aero road helmet: Ventral!

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IBS Publishing Team

There is something new coming from Sweden: Poc presents its new Aero road helmet Ventral. Now new standards are being set in aerodynamics, ventilation and safety.

Developing such an aerodynamic helmet takes time. Poc took a few years to develop a new racing bike helmet. Now the Swedes present the new Ventral, which will even be driven by the professionals of EF Education First – Drapac in the future.


For a short and concise overview we have summarized the most important facts for you:

Weight: 248 g (Size M)
Price: 299 Euro
Sizes: S (50-56); M (54-60); L (56-61)

Source: youtube/ HIBIKE Video

To create such new aerodynamics, three components are essential: the design, the size and the angle of the frontal air vents. The airflow is directed through the helmet instead of around it. This reduces air resistance while an optimized spoiler also reduces air turbulence.

“With our experience of the Octal, Cerebel and Tempor, we wanted to take the technical features of the Ventral even further to design an optimally ventilated aero helmet that offers significant speed advantages to the wearer and further improves the safety aspect,” says Jonas Sjögren, CEO of Poc.

Source: youtube/ HIBIKE Video

But safety is also a top priority

Safety was also an important element in the development. The “SPIN” (patent pending by Poc) is used to further optimise protection in linear and oblique falls. Thanks to the use of the innovative pad technology, which rests directly against the head and can shear in any direction. In addition, they should offer high comfort and good sweat absorption.


The experience of the cycling professionals was even included in the development. “The fact is that in modern road racing, the smallest nuances can decide victory or defeat,” says Jonathan Vaughters of EF Education First. For so much attention to detail, let’s thumb up!

Source: youtube/ HIBIKE Video