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This topic does not only concern our readers who surf, but rather everyone who lives on this planet. Our oceans are choking on a plastic overdose. Every year an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans and effect biospheres and animal species. The association “Küste gegen Plastik” (“coast against plastic”) is doing everything to change the current situation – for example with the help of an app against plastic packaging.

The problem

According to environmental researchers, 150 million metric tons are currently circulating our marine environments. Animals mistake pieces of plastic for food, become entangled in it and their habitats get damaged. In addition, the syntethic materials contain toxic substances that are released into the water and are absorbed by marine animals and plants.

Plastic can take up to 350 to 400 years to fully decompose. Meanwhile it breaks down into tiny pieces of microplastic that is consumed by humans through eating seafood.

How can we help?

Several initiatives are operating against the plastic pollution by collecting waste on the beaches and developing new methods to free the sea surface from trash. However, its not a long term solution. It’s way more important to reduce the production and consumption of plastic in the first place. Consumers should avoid and refuse buying packaging waste. The association “Küste gegen Plastik” calls attention to the problem and is also determined to convince the responsible authority in the industry.

Consequently, each individual should be aware of the problem and adjust their own buying behavior in their everyday life. The association under the leadership of Jennifer Timrott wants to encourage consumers to also convince the manufacturers of a behavioral change. Therefore, they developed the “ReplacePlastic App”. With its help, every costumer has the chance to complain about the packaging of a product and to inform the producer about it.

How does the app work?

With the app you can scan the barcode of a product and send it to the association. The complaints are being collected and transmitted to the manufacturers. That signals unnecessary and unwanted packaging and the costumer’s request of a change.

The app receives a good response: About 30.000 products have already been reported with a daily amount of 500 to 600 scans. Also, the manufacturers mostly respond positively.

Find the download link here: iOS and Android.

Source: YouTube / Küste gegen Plastik

The association’s engagement can only make a small contribution to a much bigger problem. Anyways, every single person Jennifer Timrott is able to inspire motivates her. A change in costumers and producers behavior supports the mission and helps to tackle the problem. The association has already scored some successes by convincing traders and companies to look for alternatives to plastic packaging. Find their stories here.



Save the ocean so that future generations can still enjoy the fun of water sports! Plastic in the ocean is a problem made by humans, which means every single one of us can help solve it. You can do so by changing not only your own behavior, but also educating other people. We already installed the app on our smartphones and think it’s a great way to contribute to something really important!

Source title image: Ayotunde Oguntoyinbo