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Whether you find yourself doing the lotus position, revolved side angel pose or savasana, your mat is always the centre of your balance. Yet, you have to bear in mind that different kinds of yoga require different kinds of mats. We present you three versatile yoga mats and give you some advice how to maintain it. 

General advice for yoga mats

Finding the perfect yoga mat is not always easy. There is a wide range of different mats on the market, ranging from cotton fabric to rubber, from very thin to very thick. If you are into sweat-inducing yoga types like Vinsaya or Bikram yoga, you should rather choose a slip-proof mat. More relaxing types like Sivandana require more comfortable mats, for example of cotton material.

A regular mat is about 170 cm long and you should be able to place your head and your feet on the mat comfortably. If you are a bit taller, it is worth investing in a longer mat. Generally, the price for yoga mats ranges from 15 € to prices over 100 €. However, it is completely sufficient to invest between 60 € and 90 € to get a long-lasting mat. Of course, a mat also needs maintenance. Some mats are washable, but some might have to be cleaned with a disinfecting spray.


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The Reversable Mat by Lululemon

This reversible yoga mat is the perfect mat for beginners as you can try everything from really sweat-inducing to relaxing poses on the mat. It can be used both sides and absorbs moisture perfectly. You can order the mat in different colours and different thickness (3 mm and 5mm).

The smarte Yogamatte by Liforme

This smart yoga mat is longer and wider than other yoga mats, which makes your training session more relaxing. Furthermore, the mat comes with markings for different asanas, so you can move better from one pose to the next without interrupting your flow.

The soft yoga mat by Pranajaya

This yoga mat only consists of cotton and is thus really practical. Not only does it absorb sweat perfectly – which by the way, makes it perfect for sweaty yoga styles – the mat is also washable and can be folded. A perfect mat for hardcore yoga fans!


A yoga mat says so much about its owner and the style of yoga. Therefore, it is so important to find the perfect yoga mat which matches your needs and gives you joy with your yoga training.

This article is based on an article by Women’sHealth.

Title image: unsplash/ bruno mars