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Perfect spring hiking tours for beginners to professionals


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Winter is over. This also means the start of the hiking season. So where are the best hiking tours and for which level are they made?

As soon as the snow and the cold temperatures say goodbye, it’s time to put the ski gear in the basement and have the hiking equipment ready. Especially the people of Munich enjoy the proximity and good connections to the mountains. Reason enough to present you the most beautiful hiking tours for every level.

Beginner tours

What’s true for any sport is also important for hiking: beginners shouldn’t overdo it right at the start. It’s hard to believe, but hiking can also give you heavy legs and sore muscles. Therefore, tours that are rather flat and do not have an extreme climb are best suited at the beginning. It is also recommended that the tour has a length of about 2-3 hours.

Our Recommendation: Jochberg

The Jochberg is located directly at the Walchensee and is one of the most famous hiking routes in the Munich area – and also perfectly suitable for beginners. In addition to a beautiful view of the mountain panorama, the tour is popular because of its simplicity. In total, you will cover 750 meters in altitude, which of course should not be underestimated. The pure walking time is about 3:30 hours, although this can always vary – depending on how fast you walk.

The trip to the Jochberg is very easy and therefore already invites you to a visit. By car, take the 95 freeway to Murnau/Kochel and meander along the country road to the nearest parking lot. But you can also get there without stress by public transport. From Munich you need about 2 hours. However, this can be bridged in the train with a good book or a podcast.

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Advanced tours

In contrast to beginners, advanced hikers can look for longer tours and dare to tackle bigger climbs. In terms of duration, we recommend tours of 4-8 hours. Since advanced hikers usually have better equipment and a better condition, the routes do not necessarily have to be on flat paths.

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Our Recommendation: Brecherspitz von Neuhaus

The route up to the Brecherspitze from Neuhaus is largely considered an insider tip, as the majority of hikers tackle the hike from Spitzingsee. Advanced hikers can therefore prepare for a pleasantly quieter tour and settle down at one or the other nice snack spot.

Nevertheless, the tour is not to be underestimated. In the direction of the summit there are some places that are secured with a steel rope. Good surefootedness is therefore a prerequisite here. In total, you will reach 900 meters in altitude during the ascent and need about 5 hours as pure walking time. The journey is also either by car or public transport.

Professional tours

For experienced hikers, one thing should be important: to constantly seek new challenges. Whether it’s a hut hike, a crossing of the Alps or a via ferrata – there are no limits. Nevertheless, it is important to always pay attention to safety. Especially if climbing elements are integrated into the tour, the appropriate equipment must be present.

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Our Recommendation: Hochkönig

The Hochkönig may crown itself with its unbeatable 2,941m to the highest peak of the Berchtesgaden Alps. With 1700 meters of altitude, the ascent is also correspondingly long and should be over 5 hours. Hikers are therefore recommended to spend the night at the Matrashaus located at the summit and to tackle the descent the next day. Otherwise, it quickly becomes a 10-hour tour.

In addition to the “normal” climb, there are three easy ladders on the way to the summit. Particular caution is required on the boulder terrain and the sometimes slippery glacier slopes. For this reason, the tour is also only recommended for professionals. Unfortunately, the approach is only possible by car.


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