Outdoor exercise trail – workout in Munich


The outdoor exercise trail are similar like going to the gym – the only thing that is much better: you exercise with open air feeling. Besides sports devices that support especially bodyweight training (including blackboards with detailed instructions on the dingle exercises), you can find some very good stations for balance and agility training. Last but not least, you will find a workout ground where you can practise pilates or yoga.

Very special for this place is the diversity of sports- and fitness enthusiasts that are coming here on a regular basis. Here you can meet the usual fitness enthusiasts, calisthenics athletes, crossfitters, martial artists and slackliners. During the weekends you can sometimes find them all together – everyone doing their individual workout. If you are aiming at participating at an obstacle run, you are definitely right on-site: there is a 4 metre high tower that you can conquer, balance challenges and big meadows and trees for crawling and climbing. After a diaphoretic workout, the Isar invites for a cooldown swim!


If you want to fully enjoy the fitness spot  – you better arrive in the early morning or during the day. In the evening, the trail is quite crowded.


The exercise trail is near the Brudermühlbrücke between the Isar and the “Freibadbächl”. On Google Maps you will find the spot called “open air fitness park”. If you are visiting Munich for a few days and motivated for a spontaneous workout, start your run at the Reichenbach bridge (City centre, U-Bahn Fraunhoferstraße) to the south direction right at the “green side of the Isar”). After 8-10 minutes (running, not walking!) you will pass the railway bridge and from there it is only 300 metres to a childrens playground. From there you turn to the left. The exercise trail shall be right in front of you now. Enjoy your workout !

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