Our TOP 3 – most emotional sports moments 2016


2016, a year full of dramatic and emotional sports moments with a lot of athletic charity and team spirit! We want to share them with you. It is never too late for a great compilation of the best sports moments of the last year – Enjoy! 

1. The Viking Clap
It’s magical how the fans of Iceland’s soccer team support and cheer for their team – and also how intensively the team celebrates their battle cry during the soccer European Championship 2016 in France. What a team spirit!


2. Triathlon in Mexico
Jonny Brownlee needed to be helped over the finish line by his brother Alistair in a dramatic end to the Triathlon World Series in Mexico. A few meters ahead of the finish line, Jonny began to collapse. His brother Alistair caught him up for the final steps towards the goal. What a strong brotherly love!


3. Portuguese boy comforts France football fan
Everyone should take this video as an example of respect, fairness and athletic charity. A little Portuguese boy comforts a French football fan after the final match of the soccer European Championship 2016, because France didn’t win the final match. Thumbs up for so much fairness!


Source: YouTube / UEFA.tv

Your Expert 

1. Viking Clap

2. Triathlon in Mexico

3. Portuguese boy comforts French soccer fan


2016 was full of great athletes, amazing sports events and a lot of emotions. Hopefully this year will be just as emotional and great.