“Swimrun” into the final: ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Final 15K


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How to imagine the Ötillö Swimrun Sprint Final 15K 2020, you ask yourself? The answer is: Adrenaline loaded, emotional and simply overwhelming. The legendary sprint race “Final 15” will take place on August 29 & 30, 2020 due to the still present COVID-19 situation and the cancelled World Championship. Invited are dyed-in-the-wool swim runners as well as “more relaxed” hobby sportsmen. Here we give you the facts about the Ötillö Swimrun Sprint Final 15k 2020.

To start with: What is ÖTILLÖ?

Fair question. The Swedish “Ö-till-Ö” can be translated into German as “Von Insel zu Insel”. This is exactly what this endurance sport is all about: you move from island to island, swimming and running (who would have thought) – in short: “swim run” from one island to the next, either solo or as a duo.


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A look back at the Swimrun World Championship 2019. (Source: YouTube / ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series)

The impressions from the past years are quite impressive. A horde of intrepid swim runners heroically plunge into the impetuous blue gold off the coast of the Swedish island of Örno and “swim race” 14km to the island of Utö – from island to island.

How are the 14000 meters arranged?

  • Total race distance: 12700m
  • trail running: 10250m
  • Running sections: 13
  • Swimming distance: 2450m
  • Swimming sections: 12
  • Longest swimming distance: 400m
  • Longest running distance: 3400m
  • Total ascent: 58m

The whole course can be divided into 81% racing and 19% swimming. (Source: Pierre Mangez / ÖTILLÖ)

How can the sporting event be implemented this year?

Another valid question. But the organisers have also taken well thought-out safety precautions for this. Instead of only one start, there will be six starting fields. Instead of just one day, the grand finale will be spread over two days. For the exact regulations and the management plan, please follow this link.

The Swimrun World Championship – something for everyone?

After this preview, which the pictures have delivered so far, it is probably clear that the Swimrun is not really meant for “everybody”. But here comes the big “but”: Instead of doing the whole ordeal to themselves, in the grand finale of the Swimrun World Championship, people can also take part, who only show single tracks of the breathtaking landscape. Lauritz Putze, Sponsorship Manager at Ötillö, sums up this concept perfectly:

``The two Swedish founders of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series Mats and Michael have managed to develop a new sport out of a bet between friends, which is now spread worldwide. I personally find the versatility of such an ÖTILLÖ weekend impressive. The world champions fight for victory, the ``hobby athletes`` for the finish line and the day before the father runs one of the short races with his 14-year-old son - so there is something for everyone and in the end everyone is together at the finish line!``.

Wanna go for a swim run?

If you’ve got Ötillö fever and want to race for either the big win or just swim to the finish line in the Final 15K, you still have a chance to get tickets now.

Source picture: ÖTILLÖ