No motivation? With the new JBL headphones and the right music impossible!


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Who doesn’t know this: Summer knocks at the door – but the beach figure is still in bed? The most difficult thing with the sporty resolutions is unfortunately to find the motivation to get up and finally get started. But thanks to the right music, not only showering and tidying up is much more fun, but also doing sport. The brand JBL also knows how important perfect sound is for your motivation and offers you the Endurance sport headphones – no more excuses!

Absolute freedom of movement

The new JBL PEAK headphones works completely without cables and offers a comfortable fit and low weight as a True Wireless model. With a combined playing time of 28 hours (4 hours in the headphones, 24 hours in the transport and charging case), it is an enduring training partner that has the proven functions of the Endurance series on board: These include intuitive touch control or automatic on/off switching thanks to PowerHook. In addition, the JBL Endurance PEAK is completely sweat-resistant and outdoor-suitable, making it a reliable training partner who does not accept (weather) excuses.

JBL Endurance SPRINT; RUN; ...

JBL Endurance Kopfhörer. Source: Youtube/  JBL

The perfect headphones for every workout

The JBL Endurance PEAK is the latest addition to the JBL Endurance range, a range of sports headphones designed specifically for athletes. Whether in gym, running, biking or even swimming, with the models RUN, SPRINT, JUMP and DIVE as well as the brand new PEAK the sound specialist now has the perfect buddy for every workout at the start.

With cable or Bluetooth, waterproof, with touch operation or integrated MP3 player, the JBL Endurance range is designed for demanding workouts and always ensures motivating beats.

Price and Availability

The JBL Endurance sports headphones RUN, SPRINT, JUMP and DIVE are already available in stores at recommended retail prices starting at 29. 99 EUR. The new True Wireless top model JBL Endurance PEAK is now also available, the recommended retail price is 149. 00 EUR.

JBl Endurance Headphones. Source: YouTube/ JBL

With the new JBL sports headphones you can move and train freely to your favourite music. Get rid of your morning tiredness with a motivating playlist and off to sport! With the right music, every workout is fun! More information can be found at


Grab your sports gear, the new JBL sports headphones and your mobile phone/ MP3 player and get on the treadmill! No more excuses, no matter what sport you play, the headphones of the JBL Endurance series are your perfect training partner!

JBL Endurance Peak headphones. Title image source: YouTube / Sali-Film