Nicolas Vuigniers new masterpiece illuminates the night


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It is dark outside, no breeze can be felt, the snow crunches under the shoes and suddenly a red light appears above the mountain peaks. It looks like a glowing shooting star circling over the mountains. The red light cone moves along the falling edge of the mountain, only when you look closely you can see a skier making his way through the untouched snow-covered nature. 

“Heatseeker” – a Freeride-Performance along fire and ice

The new brilliant video by Nicolas Vuignier begins so unaware but nevertheless spectacularly, as one imagine a sports clip. Heatseeker is an absolute highlight not only by ski enthusiasts.


Jumping off a helicopter in untouched powder snow was yesterday, the new video clip Heatseeker surprises with a dark atmosphere and spectacular moves. Out of the darkness, the camera follows Nico Vuignier, among others, who has already caused a stir in the past with his creative videos. The talented rider is known for his innovative sports clips, which have already attracted the attention of a large audience.

Source: YouTube Nico Vuignier 

‘Making Of’

It is precisely with such new approaches to winter sports that the masses are thrilled. Together with his colleagues the skier implements this long dreamed plan. How did the video come about? Good question! According to the freeskier, there should be a making-of clip showing how the crew implemented this visual masterpiece.

Source: YouTube / Nico Vuignier


There are no limits to creativity in skiing. Riders and crews grow beyond themselves and provide winter sports enthusiasts with top-class sports clips. We are already looking forward to Nicolas Vuignier’s next creative work!

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