Steep skiing has been taken to a new level


Have you ever heard of steep skiing? Basically, it’s all about skiing down slopes that are far, far beyond black. But this guy takes the whole game to a new level. 

You think you’re good at skiing, going down some black slopes from time to time? The we strongly recommend watching this video in which Mammut Pro Team athlete Jérémie Heitz goes down some of the steepest slopes you have ever seen.


In his latest project, Heitz wants to show the world how much steep skiing developed over the last decade. To do so, he challenges himself to go done some spectacular, but also truly terrifying 4000 meters high peeks of the Alps.


He collected the amazing footage of no less than 15 of those descents in the new film, named “La Liste”, that can now be seen on Red Bull TV.


While going down those peeks, you can’t even think about falling. Most of the slopes that Heitz goes down have never been touched by a ski before – not a big surprise, considering how steep and dangerous they are. But still: The footage that came out during this project is absolutely beautiful.


Image source: Youtube / Mammut

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The challenge that Jérémie Heitz just completed leaves our editorial staff in pure awe. Those pictures are just as unique as they are amazing. Enjoy watching the video!