Namibia – Desert Run in Sossusvlei


Nambia, a former german colony, located in the south west of Africa. The country is well known for it huge desert scenery of more than 32.000 square kilometres. In the middle of the desert landscape, you can find the Sossusvlei, translated it means “blind river” or salt-clay pan”. The beautiful, orange coloured dunes of the Sossusvlei with a height of 380 metres count to the biggest dunes worldwide.


But not only the huge sand hills make the Sossusvlei one of the most breathtaking areas in Namibia. The 300 kilometres long Vlei is full of extraordinary plant types that can reach an age of more than 2000 years. Even some types of animal species manage to survive in the desert. From Geckos, snakes to antelopes you will find a huge amount of different animals there.



My personal advice for anyone who is visiting Namibia:


Don’t leave before you have visited the Sossusvlei. And if you are there then make sure to climb the Big Daddy – the view is gigantic and the “Run” downwards makes you almost feel like Usain Bolt himself.


Inga Johanna Kaack


The Sossusvlei left me speechless – truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!


If you want to travel to the Sossusvlei, you first need to fly to Windhoek, the country’s capital. From there you can take a Campervan and drive to Sossusvlei. Important advice for anyone who has never been to Namibia before: talk to the locals before you start your journey and never drive alone!


Camping in the wild is forbidden in Namibia, instead there are some great camping place and various lodges for every price category.

I highly recommend the Desert Camp near the Sossusvlei. For further recommendations, tips and impressions, feel free to contact me.


Namibia is not only famous for its sand and dunes. Its unique flora and fauna is making it the special place it is. So, if you are planning on going to Namibia for your next vacation make sure you visit the Etosha National Park. You might be lucky enough to spot an elephant or a buffalo herd.

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