My Esel bikes – ride on wood!


IBS Publishing Team

A bike with a wooden frame? Unusual but also pretty cool, as the bikes by My Esel prove. But that’s not all! You can also adjust your bike to your own preferences trough an online configurator. Find all the details about the Overall Winner of the ISPO Brandnew 2018 here.

Customizing has never been easier

The idea to individualize bikes isn’t entirely new, but completely revised by My Esel, a German start up. The costumer only has to specify his body height and shoe size and another single value to quickly configure his or her dream bike. A special software does the rest and calculates body proportions as well as driving style. Based on the results, the right frame size and geometry of the bike are matched individually. The algorithm was developed by experts in bike ergonomics and spares the cost of complicated calculations by hand.


One of the founders, Christoph Fraundorf, came up with the idea because of his own knee injuries and back pain caused by driving a bike that was too short for his body height of 1,95 m. High expenses and complex measurement enquiries for a custom-made bike were too big a hurdle. Within four years, he and his team developed the perfect bike with maximal power transmission and driving pleasure for every body type.

Source: My Esel

Sustainable and local producing

The bike’s cool look resumes from the material of their frame: Wood is not only a regrowing resource, but also the perfect material to be used for a bike. It’s at the  both stiff and flexible as well as sufficiently robust to withstand all weather conditions. By cushioning vibrations, quiet running is guaranteed. Another important part of My Esel’s vision is a sustainable and local manufacture in Austria.

The My Esel Bikes are available in different versions depending on the intented purpose and ergonomically customized for every client. Choose between the classy My Esel Urban, My Esel Road, the trekkingbike My Esel Cross and even e-bikes that were recently launched. All of them are equipped with a sleek and modern design.


Currently the most important steps of their operative planning are to enlarge their target audience as well as to expand the contribution network through Europe. My Esel counts on their client’s feedback to create new prototypes to add to their collection. Winning the ISPO Brandnew 2018 – the worldwide biggest stage for Start-ups engaged with sports – doesn’t only bring attention, but is also of emotional value for the team. After all, their design and technique were able to convince top class sport specialists.


A bike making all your wishes finally come true: Sustainability, fair and local manufacturing, individual setup and high driving pleasure topped with a simple but cool look. We have nothing to complain about, My Esel!

Source title image: My Esel