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Moritz Brüggemann: “It doesn’t matter which track you’re on, – it’s the people that count”

Whether on LaPalma or in the forests of Frankfurt – as soon as Moritz is on his bike, nothing else matters than having the right company that shares the same passion.


Moritz has been riding mountain bikes since he was a little kid, thanks to his grandfather.


In this interview our newest InspiredBySports expert Moritz Brüggemann gives us exciting insights into the life of a mountain bike pro and tells us what makes the sport so unique to him.

Moritz Brüggemann

InspiredBySports: How did you get into cycling and what makes it so special for you?


Moritz: When your grandfather owns a small bike shop, it is quite difficult to avoid cycling. At Christmas I got a new bike instead of the new Gameboy.


I am fascinated by how sport brings people together in such a wonderful way. That’s why I want to inspire others with mountain biking and take them on my adventures.


There are several disciplines behind the rather general term mountain biking. Which of them do you practice and do you have a favourite here, if so why?


Moritz: The discipline I ride most often is called “Fun” – and I think I do quite well in it. From downhill racing to ebiking I have tried everything. I was never really able to commit myself to one discipline and I still find the decision difficult. But one thing is for sure: As long as I have two wheels under me, I’m alright.

Moritz Brüggemann

What was the best moment in your sporting career so far?


Moritz: When I was allowed to lead a train of over a hundred riders.


After my last big sponsor change I had to say goodbye to my colleagues after five years of friendship. One year later the boys and girls dedicated this ride to me where I was supposed to lead the assembled team.


For me, this was another sign of the passion and solidarity that the sport brings with it.


What do you do on days when you are not riding your bike, what hobbies do you have besides mountain biking?


Moritz: In my DownTime I work as an artist and architect. This gives me the freedom to continue expressing myself creatively and to contribute to the world.

Moritz Brüggemann

Do you prefer bike parks or natural trails?


Moritz: Due to my current situation living in Frankfurt, I am clearly drawn back to the woods. But it doesn’t really matter which track I’m on. For me it’s more about the people… Admitted spots with a lift do make the whole experience much more relaxed.


What is your favourite spot for biking and what makes this one so special for you?

Moritz: LaPalma, Canary Islands. Incredibly good and diverse riding. Paired with a beautiful landscape and your best friends – and you can simply picture the end of the story. This is the reason why the Canarian Islands have been a great place to go for years and I always like to return to. 


Which bike trip do you remember particularly well and why?


The answer is again: LaPalma. Believe me, try it!

Moritz Brüggemann

If you’re out on your bike for a day, which 5 things (except the bike of course) should not be missing?


Moritz: Helmet, safety first… right?

Sunglasses, gotta have that sunny boy look.

Powdered sugar in my pocket, to pimp my Kaiserschmarrn in the lunch break.

A banana on my frame, to keep me going.

And a bottle of wine in my backpack… in case I unexpectedly encounter good company :)


What does a cyclist like you actually do in winter?


Moritz: I simply exchange my bike for a snowboard.


Last Question: Do you have any valuable tips for beginners?


Moritz: Look ahead! So you know where you’re going.


And very important, always smile! Because when your smile fades you’re either going too fast or too slow.



We hope that Moritz’s smile never fades and wish him good luck on his exciting journey. We’re happy to welcome you as an expert in the InspiredBySports community Moritz!