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Massage gun – the lifesaver against muscular tightness?


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Who doesn’t know this feeling of hurting muscles which just won’t go away on their own. A new tool that has come onto the market and promises a lot is the massage gun. But does it really do as much as the manufacturer promises?

Anyone who regularly plays sports is very familiar with this feeling. Not too seldom, one or the other aching muscle announces itself. How nice it would be if a private masseur could quickly relieve all that tension. But this is now promised by the latest fitness tool on the market. We have taken a closer look at it in this article.

What is a massage gun?

Of course, this does not refer to a real weapon, but merely a massage device that is supposed to loosen the muscles with many quick push movements. The individual muscle parts can be treated and massaged specifically by using it. So, due to its ease of use, anyone can handle it.

A lot of times there is neither the time nor the money to get a permanent professional massage. All the better is this alternative, which, of course, can not be compared with a professional physiotherapist. Thus, the massage gun is simply a device to target specific muscles or the tension in certain places.

The many rapid movements hammer directly on the affected muscle. 40 strokes per second, which is twice as many strokes as a woodpecker. There are different attachments with small balls in them to change the intensity and massage type. Thus, everyone can find the right setting to target the pain.


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Critics of the product

Many physiotherapists are not the biggest fans of the product. Quite the opposite – they argue that it is not possible to just “shoot away” your pain. It may feel good at first, but has exactly the opposite effect. When used, shocks are fired at the muscles as strongly as from a jackhammer, bringing high energy to the body. The consequence is that the muscle fibers contract and do not relax, as the manufacturer promises. After two weeks at the latest, the pain is back and the muscle has not recovered.

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The problem is that the manufacturer has quite the wrong target audience.(Source:pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko)

For whom useful?

One of the biggest problems is that the manufacturer addresses the wrong target group. Normal athletic people may have the greatest sales, but the effect of the treatment is the most harmful. According to experts, the right target group would be professional athletes who are very familiar with their body and regularly undergo physical therapy treatment. Through the combination, it does not harm the body, but acts as a balance to the treatment at the physiotherapist.

In addition, it is also good for chiropractors who can not get rid of heavier relaxations in a patient by hand. By a trained user who knows specifically what he is doing, the application is also beneficial and not harmful.


The massage gun is advertised a lot and gets a lot of attention from influencers, but it is definitely not recommended for everyone. Through many expert opinions in the medical field, it can be said that the massage gun is rather unsuitable for the general public. Many beginners use it incorrectly and could only make your injury worse.


Many have already made experiences with the massage gun.

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