Mario Rodwald: back to jogging in 4 steps


For those among you who don’t know me yet: I’m Mario Rodwald, professional freestyle kite expert and two-time European champion. I suffered a very painful knee injury and according to several physicians, this should be the end of my sports career. But I decided not to give up. This article is about my way back to jogging and thus to my sports career.


Back to jogging, step by step. My ultimate goal: to minimize the pain and to optimize the performance. These were the single stations I had to go through:


Step 1: Anamnesis
After ten months I had been already fit back on the water, but the pain while jogging was so unendurable that I had to stop after two kilometers.
My solution? Insoles.


Step 2: Analysis
The next step consisted of a lot of different examinations: Control of body statistics, treadmill analysis, observation of running movement, foot examination with foot scans and examination of calf muscles.


Step 3: Custom-made insole
While the first step was the fitting control of the insole on my foot and shoes, step 3 was a final running test with the new insoles.

Your Expert 

Mario Rodwald

Step 4: insoles in use
Since 2016, Stolle Vitalwelten is my sport-orthopedic partner. Together, we were able to bring my sports performance back to 100 percent on the water and to further improve jogging. Now we are going to develop a water sports insole in order to get to maybe even more than 100 percent.


Source of title picture: YouTube / Stolle Sanitätshaus


There’s one thing I learned from this experience: Athletic ambition will be rewarded. Never give up!