Marian Hund: “If everything goes fast, I’ll try to stay calm.”


IBS Publishing Team & Marian Hund

Mariam Hund

Marian Hund was already German Champion in Freestyle Kitesurfing (2015) and is former Vice World Champion with the Snow-Kite. In his constant search for the perfect wind conditions, Marian is on the move all over the world with his kite and recently visited the legendary Pink Lake in Australia.


In an interview Marian reveals how he came to kiting and gives exciting insights about his kite career and his trip to Pink Lake.

InspiredBySports: How did you come to kiteboarding and what makes it so special for you?


Marian: I came to kiteboarding through my parents. At the age of 12 I was big enough to stand on a kiteboard for the first time. From the first moment on kiteboarding means freedom for me. You get to know new countries and new people and can broaden your horizons.

Marian Hund

Quelle: Marian Hund.

Which kiteboarding trip do you remember particularly well and why?


Marian: Australia, that was only two days ago (at the time of the interview). Australia impressed me above all with its diversity, which I haven’t seen before. Endless expanses and inconceivable natural beauties stretch across the whole country. 

I can still remember the peaceful, friendly and also partly strange people there, in a positive sense of course. But also the ideal spots with great wind and pleasant temperatures perfect for kiting.


WOW Australia, sounds really exciting, what can you tell us about your trip to Australia and the Pink Lake?


Marian: We took a real road trip and were in a van. Part of the trip was Pink Lake, a pink colored salt lake. The salt there seems to eat everything including yourself, there is not much life in this lake. The water wasn’t deep at all, which is why we slid continuously on the sharp salt crystals. Showering and washing material was unfortunately also very difficult, as there was only fresh water in canisters. All in all a mega trip.


Really cool. What is your biggest success in your kiteboarding career so far?


Marian: That I’m just where I wanted to be and do what I wanted to do. I don’t really like to break success down to competition results because there’s so much more to it than that. But I was the German champion purely in terms of competition and have generally been at the top for many years.

Truck at night

If you are on a kite trip, what 5 things should you not miss?


Marian: My camera, my laptop, of course the kite gear, enough food and sun cream.



What does a kiter like you do in winter?


Marian:There’s no winter for me that way. Because I am on the road all year round. From Brazil via Cape Town in South Africa, Australia to the Caribbean. Also a secret place with Mercedes was there this year.



I hope you can tell us more about this secret place soon. What do you do on a day without wind and what are your hobbies besides kiteboarding?


Marian: Then I’ll work with film and photography, drones, crossfit or my master’s degree in industrial engineering.



We wish Marian continued success in his current kiteboarding career and are happy to have him as an expert in the InspiredBySports community.

Quelle: Marian Hund.