Longboard meets e-scooter: IO HAWK introduces Sparrow


IBS Publishing Team

The e-mobility specialist IO HAWK will launch an electronic scooter called SPARROW in mid-October. The e-scooter offers apart from a bigger tread extreme handiness. We introduce the little speedster to you.

E-scooter are currently a trend everywhere. They are especially handy in traffic – you easily get from A to B and then can simply fold the scooter. Now the German E-Mobility specialist IO HAWK enters the scooter business. With the SPARROW, the firm offers a handy and comfortable scooter, which shines with many little details.

High riding comfort at high handiness

The SPARROW is 53 cm long and thus offers about 10 cm more of a thread than comparable scooters. Consequently, the scooter can be used by people between 150 and 200 cm with offering them optimal riding comfort. At a size of 120x55x118 cm in opened state the scooter only weights 12,5 kg, which is quite lights considering the built-in electronic devices. Via a button the scooter can be closed and then easily transported on public transport or other vehicles without needing so much space.

Source: press release IO HAWK

Practical display for controlling

The scooter has a LCD-display integrated in the handlebar, which shows the speed, battery status and the driving mode (6, 15, or 24 km/h). Moreover, it adds to the high-end look: Together with the fancy aluminum frame and the cognac-colored handles in leather look the scooter is a quality frontrunner.

Security-wise, the scooter has LED lights in the front and back and a brake light at the back. A highlight are the underboard lights, which can be adjusted via the free IO HAWK app. Apart from the light adjustment, the app offers further useful features like a system-self-check or the setting for the speed.

Technical data

The SPARROW rolls on 8-inch-wheels filled with air, which even out surface irregularities perfectly and ride nicely in road turns. The scooter also has precision disc brakes, which let the scooter brake immediately without a huge brake path. The brake is easily operated with the lever at the left handle. The 250-watt strong motor is started by the first movement of the scooter to avoid a juddery start. The scooter accelerates with the throttle lever at the right handle.


The scooter had a 36 V battery with 7,5 Ah and can transport the driver up to 28 km far. Moreover, thanks to the IP54 certification, the scooter is resistant against puddles and rain and can thus be used in any wind and weather.


We are enthusiastic about the little electronic scooter! Everybody who want to be stylish on the road, can purchase the little speedster in black, silver, rose or brown from 549€ on, or preorder it from IO HAWK directly for only 489€.

Source: press release IO HAWK