Knitted outwear – the innovation by Picture Organic Clothing

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The French outdoor-specialist Picture Organic Clothing revolutionizes outdoor jackets with its new ProKnit-technology. Instead of weaving the fabric for their new ProKnit Iceland Jacket they knit all of the parts and offer their customers new advantages with that. 


Picture Organic Clothing introduces a new kind of outdoor jacket with its new ProKnit Iceland Jacket. Instead of being woven, the fabric of the jacket is completely knitted. This offers the possibility to vary the density of stitches as well as other groundbreaking advantages.


A knitted outdoor jacket has never been done before which is why Picture Organic Clothing’s product is so unique. Knitted materials offer better breathability, comfort and resistance against water and other forces which is why the material is perfect for outdoor jackets. With the new technology it is also easy to laminate the fabric with the necessary protective coats which guarantee the full functionality of the jacket.


Source: vimeo / Picture Organic Clothing


The jacket offers everything a normal outdoor jacket does. It has a high breathability and is waterproof, provides perfect comfort and is resistant against wind, weather and other forces. The jacket is coated with the Teflon EcoElite method which works without PFCs and makes the jacket Greenplus- and Bluesign-approved.


The knitted material makes the outdoor jacket so unique. You can easily vary the thickness of the thread or the density of the stitches, which makes for a customized touch. Moreover, knitting fabric creates less leftover material which is an environmental and economical plus. The thread is made of recyclable polyester which offers a good degree of stretch.


Due to the possibly variation of density and thread the ProKnit Iceland jacket is provides a perfect body mapping. With thinner material for the arms and back air ventilation is ensured while at the same time the material is waterproof. Some areas on the back have thicker material to protect the body of attrition from backpacks or other gear.

Source: vimeo / Picture Organic Clothing


We love the concept of the knitted outdoor jacket. As it provides all functionalities of conventional outdoor jackets, but offers so much more advantages, the jacket is definitely worth a try and prone to become our new favorite for outdoor activities.

Source: Kalen Emsley