Nature, ice and the most extreme kiters in the world


Icebergs, crystal clear air and untouched nature as far your eyes eye can see – kite surfer Tom Visbeck and his crew traveled far away in the north. What they found is a true paradise – and here they shot this stunning film.

Where normally only birds breed or a naturalist fills test tubes, the kitesurf expert Tom Visbeck thought: Why not even shake up the seagulls far north between their icebergs with a few skillful kite jumps.


So he organized a VW Bus, took his kite board, an extra thick Neo and the crew. The result is a stunning clip for every kitesurfer. Enjoy these impressions of a beautiful nature and incredible moves by the best kitesurfers!


Image source: Vimeo / MANERA – Watermen Experience

Tom Visbeck 1 sw


That is freedom! Or when do you ever have the chance to screw up ten feet in the air in front of a giant iceberg!?