Kitesurf Adventure Philippines

Philippinen Camp 1

Welcome on the island! Which Kiter hasn’t dreamt of kiting on a lonesame white sanded beach let their mind and soul relax – just like Robinson Crusoe?!


We organised an unforgettable kitesurf adventure on the philippines and you have the chance to be part of the trip!


We want to slow down things, put our feet in the white sand and simply relax at the beach. The question is now: where can we find all this? Of course, Union Beach is the perfect spot for what we are looking for. There we can enjoy the calm of our accomodation close to the surfing spot and dangle our soul. Kiting, coaching and relaxing are part of the agenda. This is definately the perfect start for a quick warm up on our board – without stress and pressure, surrounded by a unique scenery.

In the later part of the first week we can expect further addings to our agenda: a well organised nightlife program, shopping trips, a visit to the popular whitebeach and obviously some kite sessions at the Bulabog Beach will await you. Last but not least, you can look forward to delicious Boracay Beach and one thing you can be sure of: Boracay is entertainment pure!

The following days, we are going to be quite busy with our Kitecruisers. We will sail on a luxury catameran from Boracy to Coron. On our way there we will obviously we will stop at the best spots to go for an unforgettable ride in the South China Sea. A memorable trip in an almost untouched kitesurf world. Your ride Downwinder next to the Cat. You kite at spots, where no kiter has ever been to. And when the sun goes down we will have a barbecue at the beach and roast the self-caught fish.


We recommend the kitecamp on the philipines for the following levels:

Beginner: suitable – some spots areeasy to ride, others are more difficult – riding in both directions shouldn’t be a problem
Advanced: highly suitable! Great challenge with some sailing adventures and beautiful spots.

Pros: highly suitable! Great challenge with some sailing adventures and beautiful spots.


Kristian Schmid


This is a marvelous adventure camp you should not miss! You willprobably  face the one or the other uncomfortable situation but it is definately going to be worth it. All in all a breathtaking journey to a wonderful country where you can practice your riding skills at some new beautiful kitespots.


Our kitesurf adventure short facts:

  • Arrival: Journey is recommendable over Manila to Caticlan or Kalibo
  • The following four days: Boracay Island
  • One week: Kitecruise
  • „Secret Island“: Three to four days
  • Departure: Journey is recommendable over Manila to Munich with an overnight stop in Manila or Coron (depending on the flight connection)

Camp dates:

Week 1: 06.02 to 13.02.2016

Week 2: 13.02 to 20.02.2016

Week 3: 20.02 to  27.02.2016



The standard of the accomodations on the philippines vary quite a lot. We personally recommend the Reef Retreat Lodge. A well-kept complex that offers nice rooms in a medium price range. The hotel is located next to the kitespot. You can choose between two room categorys including breakfast.

During the Kitecruise we will stay on a luxury 30 feet catamaran, which will take us to some marvelous spots in the region. The catamaran has sleeping spots for 8 persons, that have to be shared – four cabins with a bathroom each. Getting out of each others way can be difficult on a boat – so make sure you are a true team player when you enroll for this luxury adventure camp.


Further information regarding the accomodation can be found here!


Just in case, there is no wind at all or you just need time to recover and rest, we made alreadys some alternative plans – you will definately not get bored on this trip.


  • Fishing, snorlkeling and exploration tours
  • BBQ at the beach
  • Sailing
  • Shopping, Spa, Relaxing, Beachlife, Nightlife – you won’t complain!
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