Sturdy and fast enough for us?


Tracking your running route, finding the best spot via maps or monitoring vital signs? After yesterdays Apple Keynote we will present the sporty side, short facts and advantages of the new Iphone SE. 

Apple has obviously chosen the time to release the new iPhone carefully. Users that are thinking about a new acquisition, now have the opportunity to use their chip from the iPhone 6s in a 4 inch smartphone.


The innovations are packed in a lightweight, compact design as we know it from the iPhone 5 or 5S. The sturdy case consists of glass bead blasted stainless steal and should endure quite a lot with the newly defined matte edges that are slightly slanted. The compact design fits in every winter jacket, running backpack or the iPhone 5 /5s jogging-bag for your upper arm. A 4’’ retina-display for the demonstration of high-definition action and sports-photos are also part of the package.


Especially the new low power usage – the solution is a M9 processor – brings many advantages for the usage of fitness apps that permanently run their monitoring in the background and therefore use a lot of battery. There’s a multitude of fitness tracking-possibilities like step counters and distance measuring tools directly from apple.


 An overview of the most important upgrades: 

  • 12 megapixels camera for amazing sports photos
  • longer battery run-time for fitness apps
  • touch ID
  • up to 50 percent faster LTE
  • three times faster wireless LAN


Picture source: Apple


Picture source: Apple

IBS Publisher

The new iPhone SE is a perfect solution for all sport fanatics. Especially for outdoor freaks that prefer a more compact smartphone thta doesn’t need a lot of space.

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