Into the waves: Indoor surfing facilities in Germany

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IBS Publishing Team

Spring is coming and with it the desire for surfing. But for some of us current temperatures are too fresh to use local outdoor surfing opportunities such as the Eisbach wave in the English Garden in Munich and traveling far is not always an option. Don’t worry: We present you the two best indoor surfing facilities in Germany. 

Jochen Schweizer Arena – Munich

The Jochen Schweizer Arena in Taufkirchen (close to Munich) offers year-round indoor surfing with 26 degrees water temperature and a padded pool. They use the surfing system City-Wave which allows to adjust size and volume of water to individual needs. Thus, it is the perfect place for beginners, advanced and professionals alike.


While surfing newcomers make their first experiences at a learning bar, professionals can feel the full power of the standing wave whilst making turns, sprays and tricks.


Surfboard, wetsuit and helmet are provided. The boards are softboards with soft flex fins.


Source: Youtube/Cheng 

Gezeitenland – Borkum

Who comes from the far north should go to the “Gezeitenland” (tidal area) in Borkum. Just as with Jochen Schweizer, the “FlowRider” version is used here. This means that the surfing system consists of a wavelike mat over which a thin film of water is shooted.

Beginners start face down or kneeling on a bodyboard. Only with some practice you can then beat the waves standing on a flowboard. The indoor surfing facility can also be booked by groups on an hourly basis. If you want to relax after the surf action, just go to the spa which is part of the facilities as well.

Source: YouTube / FloFeg



Grab your boards and practice in the indoor surf halls. In summer, when temperatures are higher and sun is shining we can then prove our skills on the Eisbach wave.

Source: Jochen Schweizer