Interview with water sports expert Ingmar Rickert


IBS Publishing Team

Ingmar Rickert: “You never regret what you’ve done, you always regret what you haven’t done.”

– Marc Aurel

Whether in liquid or frozen state. Water is clearly Ingmar’s element.


Even as a child, the current resident of Munich was hard to get out of the water. Today he is always on the lookout for new spots, new challenges and new experiences with his surfboard.


The IBS editorial team asked for more details. Ingmar told us how he got into surfing as well as some interesting things that make surfing so special for him.

InspiredBySports: How did you get into water sports?


Ingmar: My father used to windsurf and we went constantly to the neighbouring Netherlands. Of course I wanted to try that as his son. In an Italy holiday with really zero wind, an English-speaking teacher and no English knowledge on my part, I stood then for the first time on a windsurfing board. Despite the absolute calm I was super happy and had a lot of fun!



And what makes water sports so special for you?


Ingmar: I just love the element water. Already as a child I always liked to swim, dive etc. in the water.


My fascination with natural water sports comes mainly from the unbelievable feeling of gliding on the water. I just can’t get enough of it.

It is simply great to move freely in nature and only with the help of water, wind and waves.

Wow, sounds really exciting. You started with windsurfing and meanwhile you have arrived at surfing. How did this development come about?


Ingmar: Windsurfing at my age of 13 was just cool and much hipper than it is today. Of course I “had” to (wanted to) learn that as well and also board across the water.


Besides my sports studies I got in touch with kitesurfing because I worked as a windsurf instructor at a water sports school in the Netherlands. There everybody wanted to learn kitesurfing. After some time and some persuasion I also felt the desire. I was fascinated by flying so high and, above all, by starting to glide earlier. I was often on the road with the kite until I took a beginner surf course (surfing) with a friend on holiday in Sri Lanka.


From that moment on, surfing had grabbed me. I only wanted to surf into the water with a surfboard and practice the supreme discipline. After almost exactly 10 years of kiting, it was great to have to carry less material, to not be blown by the wind all the time and to be able to just have a break on the water.

What was the best moment in your sporting career so far?


Ingmar: Hmm… a concretely most beautiful moment doesn’t occur to me right now, but standing on the board and riding a long wave is for me every time the highest sporty feeling of happiness.



What do you do on days with bad swell, what hobbies do you have besides surfing?


Ingmar: On holiday I can relax with bad swell, listen to the sound of the sea and look into the endless expanse of the sea. Sure, just relax 😉


In Munich I like to go swimming regularly, but I am also very enthusiastic about music, which is why I play drums since my childhood and continue to try my hand at the guitar.



What is your favourite spot where you pursue your hobby and what makes it so special?


Ingmar: Bali! Quite clearly.


In my eyes you have one of the best waves in the world in a very small space. There are only a few days when you can’t get on the water. The flights, the food and the accommodations are quite cheap. Well, and what can I say: surfing at bathtub temperatures is just fun. :)

When you’re at the water for a day, what five things can’t be missing?


Ingmar: Definitely the surfboard, Surfears, the sun cream of IslandTribe, Boardshort & a Cap.



What does a water sportsman like you do in winter?


Ingmar: Winter is not always my enemy. (laughs) At least once in the cold season, I’m out surfing abroad. Well and otherwise I really like to be in the mountains snowboarding / skiing or in the Jochen Schweizer Arena. ;)



We wish the passionate water sports enthusiast all the best in all his adventures and are especially happy to have Ingmar as an expert in the InspiredBySports community.