Indoor Skydiving – A new trend sport takes off


IBS Publishing Team

From slacklining to stand-up paddling – new trend sports arise again and again, which seem to emerge from nowhere and then become indispensable. Indoor skydiving is currently very trendy and a sport that guarantees that you will really lift off.

For all those who have always wanted to fly, but don’t dare to jump out of the plane, indoor skydiving is just the right alternative. This unique sports experience not only resembles a parachute jump from an altitude of approx. 5,000 metres, but is also cheaper. In a glassed-in wind tunnel with wind speeds of up to 300 km/h, you can completely power yourself out in a safe but airy atmosphere and collect unforgettable flying moments.


The good part: People who are not absolute competitive athletes can also participate in this trend sport. If you are in a basically good state of health and have some body tension, nothing will stand in the way of your sporting adventure.

Where is Indoor Skydiving offered?

In Germany indoor skydiving can be tried in several locations. Most of the facilities are constructed in a similar way and offer mostly similar services.


In Munich, for example, the wind tunnel in the FlyStation Munich offers everyone who wants to fly the opportunity to try out this sport and get to know the feeling of flying. The flight chamber of the FlyStation Munich is approx. 20 metres high and has a diameter of 4.5 metres. A flight session (2 flights of one minute each) including instruction by an experienced instructor and the necessary protective clothing is available from a price of 49 euros.

Source Cover Image: FlyStation Munich