i-RIG – the world’s first inflatable windsurfing-sail


IBS Publishing Team

The first inflatable windsurf sail is perfect for your next trip to the water!

Maximalize the fun othe water

The i-RIG is the worldwide first inflatable windsurfing-sail you can take everywhere you go – on a camping-trip, on vacation or an afternoon at the lake. The inflatable sail is 70 percent lighter than a conventional windsurfing-rigg what makes it perfect for beginners. It’s compatible with every SUP- or windsurfing-board and easy to install. The solid mast step ensures safety and fast installation.

The sail is made of high-quality material with integrated air chambers. Use any customary SUP-pump and have the sail ready for use in no time. For maximum stability, the zigzag seams are glued together.

Windsurfing for everyone

The sail is available in different sizes: XS for the kids to L for grown-ups. That way, even kids can enjoy the i-RIGG and have fun. The inflatable sail is easy to take with you and fits into the smallest boot. Perfect for a family-trip to the lake!

Your SUP doesn’t have fins or a thread insert for the mast step? Just purchase the additional DRIFT STOPPER and use any board you have. The system of belts can easily be attached to your SUP and prevents any drifting.

Source: YouTube / PULS Reportage

The world’s largest kite-brand NORTH KITEBOARDING and NORTHSAILS, the market leader for windsurfing-riggs, developed the i-RIG in coroperation. The result is a super light sail that is at the same time attractive and safe like a usual windsurfing-rigg.



The-RIG is available from 369 Euro (for the smallest size) onwards. It’s not only a good alternative for experienced windsurfers  but also perfect for beginners. Attach it to your SUP-Board and have fun anytime your near the water.