How to make your surfboard suitable for travelling!

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IBS Publishing Team

The next surfing holiday is just around the corner? Perfect. In this article we show you how to pack your surfboard safely for travel and transport. 

Imagine arriving at your destination and finding out that your new surfboard has been damaged or even broken during transport. To prevent this nightmare from happening, we will show you how you can pack your surfboard safely. This way your next surf holiday is guaranteed not to be a bustle!

Source: unsplash/ Anastasia Hofmann

The right surfbag

A neatly packed surfboard is very important, so you can’t avoid buying a surfbag. There are literally dangers everywhere for your board. With a suitable bag you can avoid those dangers. But how do you find the right bag? In fact, that’s very easy! All you have to do is google “Bags for surfboards” or “Surfboard Bags”. Then numerous bags will be suggested to you.

But beware, because there are a few things to consider here. The size, the padding, the workmanship of the outer material, the capacity and of course the price. Of course you can also get bags for under 50€, but keep in mind that the price-performance ratio should be right. The cheaper the bags, the sooner they reach their limits.

6 steps to the right padding

Once the right surfbag has been selected, it’s time to pack it up. We have summarized how you pack correctly in 6 short steps:


Step 1: Remove the fins before packing them and keep them together with your fin key.
Step 2: Wrap your surfboard in bubble wrap, since this is the ideal basis for good protection.
Step 3: After the surfboard has been wrapped with the foil, the rails of the surfboard should be protected with insulating tubes made of foam. You can buy them at any hardware store.
Step 4: Just as important as the rails are the nose and tail of the board – here you can also use foil and insulating foam for protection. Et voilà, your surfboard is completely padded.
Step 5: Now, put the padded board into the board sock.
Step 6: As a final step you should get your surfboard in your newly purchased board bag. Towels, sweaters and similar textiles can be used as additional padding.

Two is better than one

Don’t let an unfortunate incident end your holiday before it has even really begun – if you pack cleverly and secure your surfboard in advance you can avoid having your holidays ruined. In addition to that, there are flexible insurances, which are valid from one day, so that you really only have to pay for the duration of your trip. An insider tip: the mobile surfboard insurance from hepster. Thus you protect your board Europe-wide (if desired also worldwide) against the consequential costs and against theft. And all this at a fair price!



With the 6 steps mentioned above and the additional insurance you’ll be ready for your surf vacation with plenty of time to take care of the important things on your holiday: Getting on the boards and rocking the waves!

Source: unsplash/ Troy Williams