So sieht das perfekte Workout für straffe Beine aus

How does the perfect workout for legs look like?


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So sieht das perfekte Workout für straffe Beine aus

Training legs consciously is just as important as training other parts of the body and should be the focus of training at least once a week. For this it is not enough to climb on the treadmill. It’s time to leave the treadmill and head for the strength training! Find out here why leg training is so important and what the perfect workout for tight legs looks like!

Why is targeted training so important for the legs?

You can maintain the functions of your joints with targeted leg training. This is especially important because the hocks, knees and hips perform certain functions that need to be fully exploited to maintain their performance. If you do not exercise your joints regularly, your body will adapt to this non-use and it can lead to injuries and loss of range of motion. So start training your legs!

Vorteile des Beintrainings

The perfect workout for the legs in just a few weeks. (Source: Unsplash/ Bruno Nascimento)

Further advantages of leg training

There are other nice advantages if you put the focus on your legs during training: The leg training burns a lot of calories, it improves the ratio of musculature to fat mass, it strengthens the connective tissue and thus minimizes cellulite and it forms firm and slim legs, so that the optical effect may not be missing among the advantages of course.

The 3 best exercises for tight legs

Here we present you the three best workout exercises for tight legs, which can be done on equipment, with free weights or without equipment and only with your own body weight.


1. The leg press on equipment


For this exercise, lie with your back on the incline bench and place your feet firmly on the kick plate. Inhaling you release the safety device and bend your knees, your thighs coming as far as possible towards the chest. Breathing out, stretch your legs again and press the plate away from you. Depending on how the feet are placed on the plate, different muscle strands will be stressed more.


2. Airplane-exercise without euipment


From a standing position, bend your right leg slightly and guide the other leg straight backwards. At the same time lower the upper body forward until leg and back form a horizontal line, parallel to the floor. The heel presses firmly downwards. Hold position, then change legs. Important: The leg remains slightly bent all the time in the airplane. Do not stretch your knees! This is the only way to train your legs effectively.


3. Squats with dumbbells


Grab two dumbbells. Bend your knees, push your bottom back and go deep while holding your upper body upright. Raise your arms and keep the dumbbells upright at a 90 degree angle. Attention: The knees should never bend inwards. Always push the knees slightly outwards. Stretch your legs again and straighten up.

This is how squats work (source: YouTube / Bowflex).

Since most exercises can be done without equipment and with your own body weight, you can also simply do the training at home. Thus it can be ideally integrated into everyday life, even if there is not much time left. The exercises are simply explained and achieve the desired effect with consistent application.


Tight legs we’re coming! In order to achieve an optimal result, 2 units a week with different loads are recommended! But beware: The leg training is quite exhausting. How long the muscles need rest afterwards is very individual. Basically there should be 2 days between pure leg days without lower body load. Have fun!

Freeletics. Source: Unsplash/ taylor hernandez