Helena Sturm – from dancing to flying stunts


IBS Publishing Team & Helena Sturm

We are adding another impressive member to our team of experts: Helena Sturm, a passionate dancer and stunt girl, who is always looking for a new, exciting adventure. Here she tells us why especially her role in the stage play “Johanna of Orleans” was a real experience!

My role as a double

This stage play is about the French national hero Johanna of Orleans, also known as the Virgin of Orleans. As a double of the leading role, Johanna of Orleans, I am glad to be part of this impressive play. There are some stunt scenes, including soloist stunt exchange scenes where one person disappears behind the wall and the other emerges. But in the last scene we face each other – an incredibly strong final, I think!

Drop in Slow Motion. Source: Werner Kmetitsch

You never stop learning!

Every new production is also a new adventure. But this rolerio something very special for me: I am not part of a group of dancers, but stand alone and have my very own value.


But that’s not the only reason “Johanna of Orleans” is special to me. Thanks to the choreographer Ran Arthur Braun, I was also able to expand my spectrum to include flight stunts. I’m very grateful for that!

The challenges as a stunt double

As a double of the strong Johanna of Orleans I have some acting sequences and two flying stunts, which follow quite fast. Among them is a sword fight in the air (!) with a stunt partner and a drop in slow motion, which looks like I’m falling from the sky in slow motion. Of course, this role also brings some challenges. In addition to the timing and expression on stage, strength and control for the flying stunts, physical fitness, concentration and focus are very important. Also the communication with the creative and technical team must never be negleted to be always ready and to deliver the best on stage!

Helena_Sturm_-_Jungfrau_von_Orlens_-_Finale_-__©_Ran_Braun (2) (2)

Final of “Johanna von Orleans”. Source: Ran Arthur Braun

Theatre is something special for me

For me, theatre is so special because it simply radiates magic and harmony. Theatre is not about competition, but about everyone holding together behind the stage and working together to inspire the audience with a unique theatre experience. It is about positive energy, and without it there is always the feeling that something is missing. That’s what makes the stage so special for me.


We are happy to have Helena Sturm on board as an expert and hope that she will master many more exciting projects and that she will always be able to expand herself and her skills!

Johanna von Orleans. Source cover: Werner Kmetitsch