Rio de Golf – finally olympic


Already 1900 they played golf at the Olympic Games in Paris and four years later in St. Louis. After that there has always been tryings: 1908 in London, 1916 and 1936 in Berlin the olympic golf competitions were planned but didn‘t take place.

The international olympic committee decided in October 2009 to again include golf in the olympic games. In Rio 2016 there will be played golf after 112 years without it.


Each of the 60 starters are chosen out of their position at the „Olympic golf Ranking“ (OGR) and are identified after that shema:



  • The top 15 players of world ranking have authorisation, but there can’t be more than 4 players out of one country.


  • The other positions will be assigned fort he players starting at position 16 of the world ranking, but there can just be two players out of one country which doesn’t have more than two players in the top 15.



Rio 2016

The nomination for the German olympic team „Rio 2016“ will take place, according to the official nomination dates of DOSB, at May 31st, June 28 and July 12 2016.


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Rio de Golf: we are so excited about this years olympic games, countdown is running – just 162 days left!

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