Golf for beginners in Maxlrain

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Every beginning is hard, especially when it comes to golf. For sport enthusiasts, that are always looking for a challenge, Golf could be the ideal activity. We did a Golf beginners course in Maxlrain.


You will always face a challenge when playing golf. No matter for how long you practise the sport activity already. That is what I told myself and which convinced me to do a license to play golf courses in Maxlrain.


The course took place during two weekends (Saturday and Sunday) à 2 hours in small groups of 6 people and one golf instructor.
Besides two amateur golfers, almost everyone in our group was a complete beginner. In Maxlrain you also have the opportunity to join a trial day to make sure you enjoy swinging a golf club.

Golf academy in the fast run


You will start the course with a first session on basic strokes like putting, chipping and pitching and in the end you are going to learn how to do a full swing.

During the single training units you will get familiar with some relevant basic theory. Although, the theory itself is no sorcery, you need to study it to make sure you pass the written exam in the end of the course to get the license. For some reason, this seems to be quite an obstacle for some sports enthusiasts.


Geli Beierlein


Golf is different, a challenge, and is great fun! However, a Crash Course and some practice hours will definitely lift the fun factor. My personal conclusion: For those who want to become good at playing golf, a personal trainer is indispensable.


Please inform yourself in time about upcoming dates and events. Beginners’ courses are held in smaller groups and proceed during the weekends. You don’t need to worry about any golf equipment, the instructor is going to take care of that. A solid pair of shoes is all you need to bring. The contact partner was really kind and not like we had expected him to be: conservative and boring.


In my course we had one golf instructor supervising 6 students. That was great because we all had the chance to get personal attention and supervision. If you want to become good at playing golf some day, you should take a few private lessons with a trainer. Especially in the beginning when you need to practice your body position and full swing, it is advisable. All in all the course was great fun, although it required discipline it puts you in a good frame of mind.


Golf is a quite challenging sport discipline. The first day on the golf course, you are probably going to be overstrained. Especially when you want to be good at everything all at once- just like me. For me, the biggest challenge was definitely the very strict execution of the individual swings. It is different, a kind of balance, when you manage to not be annoyed by your own mistakes.

You are always facing a challenge when it comes to golf.

  • Don’t get discourage if the first swings are not exactly the way you wanted them to be. No golfer fell just from heaven.
  • I advise anyone who wants to take the license to take some private lessons with a trainer. His advices will be worth a mint.
  • You can practice your skills  on the Driving Range whenever you want.
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