Food Trends 2020 – These Food Trends have kept us in shape in 2020


IBS Publishing Team


A review of the year 2020 will probably not be able to excite anyone this year. Except on the part of food – at least apart from for a moment of the nationwide bread and pasta shortages in mid-March. We present to you the top three food trends that have kept us fit and strong in 2020!

1. It’s shot o’clock: Ginger & Turmeric Shots

A shot a day keeps the doctor away – of course only when a puree of hot ginger, healing turmeric and a splash of sour lemon fill the shot glass. The wonder tuber mix is considered a real vitamin C booster for an active start to the day and not without reason.


Just two grams of a ginger tuber cover the daily requirement of vitamin C. The small wonder tuber from the tropics is also packed full of iron and therefore a real blessing for the immune system. The taste-giving component gingerol contained in it heats you up properly due to its pungency and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.


The turmeric root is also considered a wonder tuber for all cases. Among other things, turmeric contains the essential vitamins B3 and D and zinc. Combined with ginger one already receives a large part of the entire vitamin need in a small 20ml shotglas in the morning.


Admittedly, the taste of this brew takes getting used to, but the health benefits are definitely worth it.

2. Less carbohydrates, but lots of protein

In 2020, we can be sure that a low-carb or protein variant of any conventional food will also make its way onto supermarket shelves. Be it toast, noodles or even chocolate bars: in addition to the carbohydrate-containing originals, Germans’ shopping lists now also include much healthier alternatives made from plant proteins.


Most hyped was pasta made from red lentils (26g protein and 50g carbohydrates per 100g) or black beans (45g protein and 15g carbohydrates per 100g). In addition to the fit nutritional values, the pasta also makes a lot for the eye due to its natural coloring.

3. As long as it’s in a #Bowl

When the normal plate can’t do it anymore, all ingredients simply have to be arranged in a handmade ceramic bowl in true foodstagram style.


Although our third food trend is not really a “food” but rather the artistically appealing arrangement of it in a deep bowl. The concept behind it is quite banal: Instead of combining the individual ingredients into a dish in the pot, they are placed neatly side by side in the bowl. The individual ingredients can be combined anew on each fork, with each bite a new taste.


Even if this trend is primarily for the eye, it subconsciously invites you to put more fresh, colorful ingredients in the bowl. The motto is: The more colorful the bowl, the better.


The shaping of our lifestyle is becoming more and more conscious. People not only want to do their body a favor with healthy ingredients, but also prefer to buy locally and regionally at the farmers’ market for the sake of the environment. A development that may well be maintained after 2020.

Source cover image: iStock / AlexRaths