FlyStation at the FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Lille


IBS Publishing Team

After the German Championships took place in Munich in March, the World Champions in Indoor Skydiving will be determined at the WISC 2019 in Lille, France on April 16th to 20th.

The 3rd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships are clearly the highlight of the entire indoor skydiving community. On a total of five days, the winners in eight different disciplines will be determined in Lille, France, and the title of World Champion in Indoor Skydiving will be awarded. More than 30 nations have registered and will provide spectacular performances and a strong field of participants.

The FlyStation on its way to the World Cup in France

The fact that the coaches and proflyers of the FlyStation Munich have it in the wind tunnel really well, they already proved at the 2nd German Indoor Skydiving Championship in March. With a strong team performance, the air acrobats were able to assert themselves in the Dynamic 4way discipline and thus secure the title. Together with their colleagues from the FlyStation St. Petersburg, they will now travel to France, where they will compete for this year’s world championship title at the WISC 2019.

With the following teams the FlyStation will start in the respective disciplines:

Dynamic 2way

Diana Parmanina | Andrey Karabeshkin


Olga Bakulina

Vertical Formation 4way

Nikita Panov | Valera Konnov

Dimitri Lednev | Maksim Rudenko

Dynamic 4way

Diana Parmanina | Andrey Karabeshkin

Oleg Parmanin | Alex Drogalcov

The two FlyStations Munich Proflyer and Coaches Boris Peter and Nick Riedel are unfortunately not able to participate actively in the World Championship. The Munich Dynamic 2way Team convinced with a very strong second place at the German Championships, but the time was too short to organize the participation in France with the German Parachuting Federation. But of course they will support and cheer on their colleagues at such an important event.

Quelle Titelbild: FlyStation Munich