Flyboarding – be able to walk on water


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A holiday in the Maldives is relaxation only? Wrong! The islands such as Furanafushi are a paradise for water sports lovers. From stand up paddling, sailing and canoeing to diving and snorkelling, everything is represented. The most spectacular water sports highlight, however, is flyboarding. Find out everything about this exciting extreme sport and what you should pay attention to when “flying”.

Up to nine meters height can be reached with a flyboard. So you can experience the fantastic surroundings from a completely different perspective. The most popular are the “flights” in the evening hours in time for sunset. The question remains whether there is time to enjoy the beautiful sunset in addition to the thrill.

How does Flyboarding work?

The mechanism of the Flyboard is actually quite simple. But without the combination with a jet ski, “flying” would not be possible. Thanks to the jet ski’s 200 hp water jet propulsion system, pressurized water is pumped through a hose at an enormous speed. This makes it possible to rise out of the water.

The feet are strapped to the flyboard by a binding, which makes a stable stand possible. Under the binding, slightly offset from the feet, there are two glands. Through them, the water coming from the jet ski is pressed out at a high speed and the lift-off is made possible. The control is solely in the feet. Depending on how you change the tilt angle of the board, the flight direction also changes. This of course requires a good sense of balance. But as with every sport, the motto is: Practice makes perfect. With a little practice, you can even perform a few tricks in the air. Exercise sessions for beginners usually last only about 15-20 minutes.


Many spectacular stunts are possible with the flyboard.

(Source: Unsplash / Hoodh Ahmed)

Is Flyboarding dangerous?

No! Of course beginners will receive a detailed theoretical introduction before their first flyboarding attempt. Here you will be given tips on how best to let yourself fall in case of a crash. So you should make sure that you never fall flat on your back, but if possible always forward or to the side. Otherwise the rule is: always make as small as possible to avoid pain.

In addition, during the first attempts, the water jet is controlled by an instructor on the jet ski. In case of a crash the water jet can be turned off immediately and there is no danger of being pushed under water by the water jet. In addition, the wearing of life jackets, helmets and wetsuits are important protective measures, which should always be worn whenever possible. Flyboard professionals can regulate the jet ski and thus the water jet themselves by means of a remote control.

In the meantime even Flyboard World Championships and World Cups have been introduced. Here the spectators can admire somersaults, screws and many other acrobatic performances.

Flyboarding at the Maledives. (Source: Youtube / 



Thrills in the water and in the air! Flyboarding gives you the opportunity to float up to nine meters above the water surface. A good balance is the key, because it can get pretty shaky! So get on the jet ski and let the fun begin.

Source Cover Image : Unsplash / Morteza F.Shojaei