Five essentials for your surf camp trip


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Enjoying the beauty of the wild coasts, riding waves and just relax – that is what surf enthusiasts imagine their perfect holiday to be like. We have found five essential tools, which will make camping and surfing trip easier.

You want the full surfing experience with beautiful sun rises, wild nature around you and the feeling of freedom? Then a camping trip with your boards to the wild coasts is exactly your kind of holiday. Yet, for the everyday tasks in nature, you need some essential gear. We know exactly five things you’ll definitely need.

A cooler

Sure, a cooler belongs in the basic gear of every camper. It keeps your food and beverages cool and protects it from hungry animals. It is important to invest in a good box, because a broken cooler is a useless cooler. The ones by Yeti and Otter Box are especially robust and high-quality. The Otter Box is a bargain, but it is worth its money: It is bear-proof and you can customize it with extras like cup holders or bottle openers.

Source: unspash / Jake Sloop

The camping cooker

If you want warm food, you need a cooker. Most options use gas as their source for hear, which is very practical since there is obviously no electricity in nature. When it comes to the cooker, it is also worth to invest some money. Next to stability, a windshield and a good cover for transport come in handy. Then you can enjoy a nice meal after an exhausting day on the board.

Universal charger

In today’s time, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have one’s phone or some other entertainment. But how to charge these devices without electricity? That is why it is worth to purchase a universal charger. It is important that the charger is resilient against sand and other weather influences and can charge many devices.

Wet/dry backpack

For surfers, a wet and dry backpack is a revelation. The backpack has two compartments, which are divided by a waterproof material. In that way, you can put your wet surf stuff into the one compartment, while your other clothes remain dry in the other one. Perfect, isn’t it?

Camping shower

If you don’t stay at a camping site, there are obviously no showers. Yet, for surfers a nice shower after extensive rides on the waves is necessary. This is when a camping shower comes in handy. Fill up the water container with either preheated water or leave the container in the sun all day to enjoy the sprinkles of warm water. There are two versions of camping showers: One you have to hang up to create the water pressure, with the other you use a foot pump to get the water going. Both versions are also foldable, which is good space wise.



With these five essentials these is nothing in the way of your perfect surf trip to the wild nature. Who is well prepared and has the right gear, does not have to worry and can enjoy the waves and the surrounding nature.

This article is based on an article by Surfer.
Source title image: unsplash / Andrew Stickelman