Fitness: How much workout is recommendable?


How much workout is advisable to support the muscle growth? When is it getting too much? Make sure you work out frequently, but don’t overdo it.

LEVEL: Beginner – Advanced

How often shall you work out? There is no general answer to this question, since it depends on several factors. If you have enough time and motivation, it can be useful to train each muscle part several times per week. But it also doesn’t make a big difference if you only train them less. What is really important here is the volume and intensity you put into your workout!


To make it short: Someone who is going to the gym only 2-3 times per week is probably doing longer and more exercise for each muscle group than someone who is working out 5 times a week.

What really is important is that you set a high stimulus, in order to encourage your muscles to grow. If the workout is not intense enough or the rest days between the workouts too long, you will only notice very slow muscle growth. But on the other hand, if you overdo your workout or don’t rest long enough, your body is not going to thank you, since it couldn’t fully regenerate in the meantime.




It is recommendable for beginner to workout no more than 3 time per week. Full body workouts will suit you the best in the beginning and 1-2 rest days between gym days are recommended. In the beginning, small intensity will be enough in order to promote your muscles to grow. All in all: Beginners can’t really make big mistakes; the muscles will grow however.





Power athletes that work out for more than 8 months already, can be seen as advanced. If you fit in here, you have to be more aware of what kind and how often you design your workout plan. Working out 4-6 times per week, focusing no more than twice a week on every muscle group, is recommendable. Very popular methods include specific workout schedules for the upper or lower part of the body or the push pull leg split.

Dennis Steimels

Dennis Steimels


Every athlete can train as many times per week  as he would like . As long as he adjusts volume and intensity , taking into account his experience at the frequency of workouts.

  • If intensity of the training is too high or you start with the training too early you can get into a status of overtraining and this would not be good. Due to overtraining your perfomance is going down and the growth of muscles stagnates.
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