Fit to Surf with the Last Minute Surf Workout

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IBS Publishing Team

The next surfing holiday is coming up and you are still looking for a suitable preparation? We now show how you can comfortably get fit last minute for the upcoming surfing holiday in your living room.

The njoyrides workout was developed in cooperation with a sports physiotherapist and a surf coach and targets exactly those muscle groups that are needed for long paddle outs, fast take offs and energetic maneuvers on the wave. The exercises are based on the movements on the surfboard and can be easily performed from the living room. This way you’ll be fit for the upcoming surf trip at the last minute!

Source: youtube/ njoyrides

The workout consists of a warm up, a workout part and a cool down. The workout part is divided into three blocks with 5 to 6 exercises each, as well as 2 interval units. Each block begins with exercises aimed specifically to strengthen the muscles needed for paddling. The main focus here is on the paddle power and endurance needed to get out to the line up and into the waves. The following exercises then aim at the muscles for push ups and fast take offs. Finally, the last exercises focus on the legs, which are important for performing on the wave.

Between the exercise blocks, short but intense intervals will demand everything from you and make you sweat. This will also prepare you for intensive paddle sprints.


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Source: youtube/ njoyrides



Train with the last minute surf workout video whenever and whereever you want! Even from the comfort zone of your living room. We think it’s great!

Source: youtube/ njoyrides