Barriers? No Problem – Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2019


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Are you ready for a lot of action? On September 28th, 2019 the Fisherman´s Friend StrongmanRun will enter the next round in Cologne. Tricky barriers, exciting swimming routes and ice-cold water basins await you at the Fühlinger See and provide the desired adrenaline kick! But beware, tickets will soon be sold out, it’s worth it to be quick!

How long are the distances?

The StrongmanRun has something for every action lover. The distances are divided into three categories: FUNRUN, STRONG-10 and THE ORIGINAL. At all three distances the runners get a finisher shirt and a well-deserved medal at the end. In addition, the time will be measured by each participant so that you can top each other again next year.


FUNRUN: If you prefer to take it a little slower or participate in an obstacle course for the first time, you should choose the FUNRUN package. At a distance of six kilometres, fun is guaranteed. But be careful, six kilometres are not to be underestimated.


STRONG-10: Already an experienced obstacle runner? Then 10 kilometres full of exciting obstacles is just the thing for you. But don’t forget to train your endurance, because with every obstacle your strength dwindles.


THE ORIGINAL: The adrenaline junkie in you is just waiting to be ignited? Then quickly register for the most action-packed 20 kilometres of your life. This is not for the faint hearted, because fighting spirit and strength endurance are always tested.


This year’s route of the StrongmanRun. (Source: )

These obstacles have to be conquered

All in all, the runners not only have to cover the distance kilometers, but also overcome the 22 demanding obstacles. Whether together in a team or alone, your strength and endurance will be put to the test. From climbing on tyres, to ice cold foam and water pools, to steep ramps and hurdles, every level of difficulty is addressed, while the good mood always remains.

Under the motto #RunJeck, you can really let off steam on 28 September and push yourself to your limits. What are you waiting for?

Prove your strength – at the StrongmanRun. (Source: YouTube / fishermansfriendde)


The 28.09.2019 should be marked in every calendar of an obstacle runner. On this day the Fisherman´s Friend StrongmanRun will take place again in Cologne. Steep obstacles, deep water basins and lots of fun await you. And you have the choice: six, 10 or 20 kilometres, what will it be?

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