Fight the stress with martial arts

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IBS Publishing Team

Strengthen the body and relax the mind. Martial arts not only train strength and fitness, but are also extremely helpful in coping with stress. We explain how it works.

When do you actually have Stress?

Often we rush from one meeting to the next, then we answer many mails and phone calls and somewhere something goes completely wrong again. It is already part of our daily life to do many tasks at the same time. That takes time, nerves and above all strength. However, if you have permanent stress, you should definitely do something about that. We show you exactly what to do!


Source: unsplash / Justin Ng

How can you tackle it?

The best result is obtained when there is a clear balance to your work. Of course, sport is generally helpful, especially if you spend many hours with stressful topics in front of the computer. It has been shown that strenuous sports matches are particularly suitable for reducing negative moods and stress.

Asian martial arts such as karate, judo or aikido are known for their traditional values, which promote not only physical fitness but also mental strength. You train both the body and the mind. Meditation plays a special role in the training of the mind. By regaining its balance, your mind is leaving you better prepared for new challenges. Studies have shown that people who meditate regularly are much better able to concentrate on their tasks.

The combination of physical training and mental strength through breathing and meditation brings back the energy and concentration you need to cope with daily life. These aspects are best implemented in the Asian martial arts which are therefore well suited to ensure a balance to the stressful everyday life.


Positive effects for body and mind completely without side effects. Simply great! Try it!

Source: Unsplash/Jason Briscoe