FIBO 2019 – These are the trends!


IBS Publishing Team

FIBO 2019

The world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health attracted over 140 thousand bodybuilders, fitness influencers and sports enthusiasts to Cologne from 4 to 7 April 2019. From food trends to vocal fitness, we’ll tell you the trends from 2019!

Community-Fitness and other highlights

Proteins, the latest fitness gadgets and lots of muckis and sweat: more than 1,100 exhibitors from 44 countries have shown over the past few days what awaits us in sport, wellness and nutrition in the coming months. More than half of the companies – exactly 57 percent – come from abroad and underline FIBO’s role as the leading international trade fair.


Also this year there was a lot to discover at FIBO. Besides numerous Muckis, men and women lifted Olympic weights in the “Power-Area” and posed for the fans. In the group and aqua fitness halls, EMS training in small groups, jumping fitness on trampolines and pole dancing in the pool were presented. Community fitness is especially in demand this year! It is intended to increase the fun of keeping fit even further in the future. Another highlight at this year’s fair was definitely the latest innovation that makes sport even more holistic:
Vocal Fitness! It should strengthen voice, presence and body tension.

Source: iStock / AndreyPopov

Fitness gadgets and equipment

Fitness gadgets are indispensable for 2019! It will become more and more sophisticated: Virtual Reality, Power Plates, interactive screens and floors will revolutionize the fitness world! A highlight for yogis and water rats: reaxing, yoga on a movable board. At the same time, there are many innovations that focus on the environment and sustainability: Sports and wellness equipment such as wooden massage rollers and minimalist studio furnishings ensure the right retreat and balance.


Proteins and even more proteins! Especially trendy are fitness bars made of insect powder. Yes you have read correctly! Ground beetles and worms are true protein bombs for the muckis and therefore super trendy. In addition, protein beer, shakes made from plant milk and airy protein fluff – whipped protein – should not be missing during the next training session. In addition, the trends “sugar-free” and “vegetable” continue to be written in capital letters.

Freeletics. Source: YouTube /FIBO


The fitness, wellness and health world remains innovative. In addition to technical innovations, the trend continues towards greater sustainability. In addition, the focus is increasingly on “us”: Community fitness is popular! FIBO 2019 shows once again: Fitter, healthier and more beautiful – combined with lots of fun!

Freeletics. Source: Pexels /Sabel Blanco