Das sind die kommenden Fahrradtrends

Electricity & Diversity – These are the bike trends of 2019!


IBS Publishing Team

More variety is now in demand! For the sake of the environment, cities are increasingly becoming bicycle cities. In order to get from A to B quickly, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in addition to sporty bikes. As a result, the electric-powered e-bike segment is disappearing more and more, because almost all types of bike, from mountain bikes to racing bikes, are now available with a built-in electric motor. Find out everything about the upcoming bike – trends here!

The practical folding bike for flexible city cyclists

Everyday many cyclists ride to work or to the train. Then the bike is quickly folded into a handy piece of luggage and the train ride begins. The practical folding bicycle is the first trend for the coming season. Compressed and nested, it is about the size of a small suitcase. According to the manufacturer, folding should take 10 to 20 seconds and the 20 inch tires are more reminiscent of a children’s bicycle. But appearances are deceptive! The small folding bicycle rides quickly and safely, weighs around 10 kilograms when folded and has its price. Although the small model is not cheap, but super practical!

Ein weiterer Fahrradtrend ist der Allrounder

Another bicycle trend is the all-rounder (source: YouTube /motoGT).

The all-rounder-Bike

Everyone knows it: the all-rounder. It is practical for the city but also great for the mountains. It is suitable for the masses and at the same time looks super sporty. But what will be different in the coming season: It’s going to be an e-bike. Of course, cycling requires muscle power. But as already mentioned in the introduction, many people switch to cycling for the sake of the environment.

And in order to be able to get from A to B quickly, we are switching to electric motors. For this reason, this multi-talent is now also available as an e-bike. You can quickly reach 15 kilometres per hour and the battery should last up to 60 hours with a charging time of only 3 hours. Conclusion: maximum riding comfort with minimum use of muscle.

A bike for the whole family

That’s not possible? Oh yes! In the coming season the SUV will be the trend among bicycles! Because on some models there is even room for a family of four all at once. To make sure that the father doesn’t get out of his puff and arrives at his destination completely ready, he is supported by an electric motor with a double battery. So everyone arrives relaxed at their destination. This model is great for families or city dwellers without their own car, but also has its price: the models start at 5000€. And watch out: the fast pace makes you forget that valuable cargo is in the front!

The e-bike model for the whole family (Source: YouTube /Citrus Cycles Ltd.).


Off to the bike ready to go! Protect the environment and be in the fresh air at the same time: The bicycle trends for this year’s season are varied and electric!

Freeletics. Source: Unsplash/ Alex Read